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For Any US Organization or Individual:

Let me tell you why I think Noir Naturals' Soap Fundraiser is such a cool and profitable fundraising idea and program...

When it comes to fundraising products, a product must be one of two things for it to be really successful...

  • It must be an Anyway Product - Meaning that people must be buying it anyway. It's then simple to convince them to purchase from your fundraiser as they will already be buying the product, but through you they get to support a great cause for that purchase.
  • Or it must be really Unique/Creative - If people are not already buying it, the product has to be really cool, interesting or unique for them to want it, and for you to actually make any sales.

And the great thing about Noir Naturals' Soap Fundraiser is that...

It is both of those things!

And that is quite simply why I love this fundraising program.

There are 3 ways to Fundraise with Noir Naturals...

And I would recommend using a combination of the following to increase reach and profits!

  1. Online Fundraiser - You setup a personalized website and sell directly off the website. No paperwork needed and orders are sent directly to supporters.
  2. Catalog Fundraiser - You request a number of catalogs from Noir Naturals (one for each fundraising team member) and then take orders directly from supporters through the catalogs.

    It's recommended to send in your orders and payments for delivery to one address as delivery for orders over $300 is free. You would then need to distribute the products on from there yourself.
  3. Pre-purchase - Purchase the soap and then re-sell. You will clearly need fundraising capitol upfront to purchase the soap - but this way can also provide a greater profit margin.

But here is why I love the first way...

  • It's really simple to setup.
  • It's FREE. There's no cost to setup the fundraiser or the online sales page. (The only costs you may have is small miscellaneous costs like phone calls etc.)
  • You are not geographically limited to your community/town for sales. You can make sales to anyone in the USA.
  • It's low-hassle! There's no paper work or delivering of products. Everything is handled by Noir Naturals.

(Read about how the program works here.)

Thankfully, this means that all you need to focus on is promoting your fundraiser and driving sales.

Looking for a unique, earth-friendly, and profitable fundraising idea? Then this Noir Naturals Soap Fundraiser is one to definitely check out!

And with the wide range of products (both soaps and other care products are available), there's something for everyone, making it perfect for maximizing sales.

Alrighty then, let's check out what the fundraising potential is...

Fundraising Potential & Profits:

The great news is that the profit potential of this soap fundraiser is really high...

  • You have no overheads or expenses (except possible miscellaneous expenses, which shouldn't be much if anything at all),
  • And your profit margin/commission on sales is brilliant. You make up to 45% on every sale.

    If your fundraiser has $1.00-$499 in sales, you will receive 35% profit; $500-$999 you will receive 40% profit and $999 and above you'll receive 45% profit. 

Sell $100 worth of products and you'll raise $35. Sell $10,000 and you'll raise $4,500.

Pretty good margins hey.

There's also no minimum sales requirements and profits will be paid at the end of your fundraiser.

So Who Can Use This Program?

The Noir Naturals Soap Fundraiser is currently only available in the USA, but any organization or individual can use it.

From Churches, Schools, Charities, to Sports Clubs - And to individuals fundraising for a charitable cause, or for their own projects or personal cause... This is a fundraiser for everyone.

So How Does It Work?

It's a simple process...

  1. You start by completing the interest form (or contacting them on 1-985-590-5461), and you'll be contacted by the fundraising program manager to discuss your fundraiser, your goals, and the fundraising period.
  2. Once the paperwork is done, they will build your personalized fundraising webpage, create a flyer, send you catalogs and you will be ready to start fundraising!
  3. Then it's up to you to promote your fundraising page effectively and drive the sales. I'd recommend you get some tips and advice from your fundraising manager on how to best promote your fundraiser.
  4. Online orders are shipped directly from Noir Naturals to your supporters within three business days.
  5. And finally collect your funds raised when your fundraiser ends.

Check out their 8 step timeline below (and read more here)...

The Noir Naturals' brilliant Soap Fundraising program steps. It's a great fundraising idea and program!

So What Are The Products Like?

Noir Naturals has a range of more than 20 Soap Bars made from Coconut Milk and Goats Milk, that people absolutely LOVE (read the kudos on their soaps here).

There is a soap for everyone - Woman, men, babies, those with sensitive skin, and even the dog.

Their soaps are natural and because they are made from coconut oil and goats milk they hold many benefits.

They also have other great care products that are available for sale on your fundraiser.

And the greatest thing about their products is...

As I mentioned above, people absolutely love the soaps and their other products!

Here's a couple of the comments people have made...

I am in love with the lavender soap... Oh my gosh, the soap is like none other!  I have used it every night and I love the feel of the milky smooth lather as I bathe.  The scent is so wonderful!  I do my best to soak it all up before forcing myself out of the tub.  I can't wait to try the Oatmeal bar. Thanks Noir Naturals for the excellent product!

Gerry - Mandeville, LA

I am somewhat of a "soap connoisseur" and goat milk soaps are my favorite. I purchased 15 bars of Noir Naturals soap at an event. They are my absolute favorite soaps. The scent is heavenly and the price is reasonable compared to the prices at Whole Foods and other places I used to shop for soap.

Vicki - LSU AgCenter State Livestock Show Organizer

I ordered the Shea butter and I LOVE it. I think that is the best product I have ever put on my feet -- and everywhere else really. Cobi is even using it :)

Jaclyn - Organizer for the Cobi & Michael Natural Soap Fundraiser

Just want to say that the soap is great! Love it...in fact...gonna have to buy some more here shortly. That soap works very well. I'm very pleased. My face is actually getting better. It's truly a miracle worker! My mom said that it was even great!

Christina - Slidell, LA

LOVE the mud mask! Since using, my face is clearer & has a healthy GLOW!!!! I can't wait to try your coconut milk products!

Kristy - Linden, TX

The richness of the Kon Tiki lather is outstanding. It rinsed clean and left my skin moisturized without a greasy residue. I did not need lotion at all, even with the frequent hand washing that comes with hours spent in the kitchen. I think I'm addicted.

Sheryl - Charleston Vegetarian Examiner Article

You can read more of these incredible testimonials here.

So, To Summarize This Soap Fundraiser:

Noir Naturals provides a fundraising program that...

  • Has unique, earth friendly and highly popular products...
  • Are also in a product range that people have to buy anyway - Soaps.
  • Is free to setup.
  • Can be run in any combination of the following 3 ways which will increase your sales potential and reach; online, through catalog sales, or through pre-purchasing. 
  • And can make up to a 45% profit margin on every item sold and has no minimum sales requirements.

Ready to Get Started?

Then head over to Noir Naturals and fill out their fundraising interest form...

Or phone them on:


Want to to run a unique fundraiser that has brilliant fundraising potential? Then Noir Naturals' Soap Fundraiser might be the perfect option!

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