Sweeties Sweets - Online Fundraising

by Skip Yeager - Partner Owner
(Georgetown, SC, USA)

Store Front in Georgetown, SC

Store Front in Georgetown, SC

Our store, in Georgetown, SC, USA, makes all of it's candy and sweets in house by hand.

We have a website and have implemented a fundraising program that pays a 20% referral reward to charities. The charity can take a passive or active approach.

The passive approach involves inserting a link to our website into their website or Facebook page.

The active approach builds upon the passive by going out and developing orders that they place through the link and then distribute when the order arrives.

The customers get an introduction to Sweeties and can repeatedly order themselves, which still pays the charity as long as they go through the website...

It's so easy. Take a look...

And sign up for the program here.

Rob's Note:

This is another type of Affiliate Fundraising that I think is really creative and will work for the right organizations.

To make it really worthwhile and rewarding you'll definitely need to take more of a Active approach then a Passive one...

Unless you've have a website that get's a load of traffic every day!

Thanks for the contribution Skip!

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