The One True Quote

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The One True Quote:

The One True Quote: "In charity, there is no excess." - Francis Bacon. (Photo by Webhamster / Flickr)

"In charity, there is no excess." - Francis Bacon.

I love this quote because it means boundless generosity, it's a really positive quote.

This doesn't mean financial charity either, it can simply mean giving yourself and your time to others.

And in terms of 'excess', there's nothing like being over-the-top to make people smile!

Imagine Duck a l'Orange at a soup kitchen.

Or a Surprise Wedding at a party to end a family feud.

It's a good way to upstage unfortunate circumstances!

I also like how the quote focuses more upon how our giving represents ourselves rather than the receiver.

When there is excess, charity that can be perceived as patronizing becomes entertaining.

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