Toilet Paper Fundraiser

by Joe Kuipers
(Nokomis, FL)

PaperFunds is a unique approach to product sale fundraising that is a direct response to the many overpriced, unhealthy, or unwanted fundraising products that have given the industry a bad name.

PaperFunds works through the sale of quality paper towels and toilet tissue at prices similar to what your supporters would pay at the grocery store ($1 per roll of towels and $.29 per toilet tissue roll).

Your organization earns strong profits for simply supplying your supporters with something they’re going to buy soon on their own.

And since restaurants, offices, daycares, churches and other local businesses need our products too, your target audience is virtually limitless.

Please see our website for more information or call us at 941-485-2539.

Useful Product - Fair Prices - Strong Profits

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