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So you may be asking, "What are webmaster affiliates?"

Quite simply they are web host companies that will pay you commissions for business that you send their way!

A Market For Web Hosting...

In the modern day, every business, and many individuals, want and need to have their own websites.

So, effectively there are thousands of websites popping up every day, and of course, those websites need to be hosted somewhere!

With all the competition around, web hosts will pay very good commissions for business that you send to them.

Fundraising with Webmaster Affiliates. (Photo by Kevin Zollman / Flickr)

Recurring Income...

They will also often pay recurring/residual commissions. This means that they will pay you that commission for as long as that person you referred to them uses their services for.

So whenever that referred person pays or renews their yearly/monthly web hosting package you will earn the specified % commission.

How amazing is that!

Multi Tier Commissions...

Some of the webmaster affiliates, like Site Build It! pay commissions on multiple levels... So if someone who you've introduced to Site Build It! refers another person, you get paid a depth commission for that referral.

So for example the person you've introduced might earn a 35% commission of that recurring sale of the person they've introduced, and you will earn 5% commission from that sale.

Amazing Potential...

Wouldn't you agree then that webmaster affiliates have the potential to be extremely lucrative and rewarding! It's essentially a great way to earn a passive/recurring income for your organization.

Out of all the affiliate fundraising ideas, "webmaster affiliates" is definitely the idea that has the most potential.

So let's look at how you raise the most funds from this idea...

Webmaster Affiliates - Raising Funds:

The first step is to find the best webmaster affiliates to represent and recommend.

Always recommend really quality web hosts or products to keep a good reputation. This will also make sure that the people you referred continue to use those services (so that you receive a residual commission of course).

This is the most effective (and integrity full) way of raising these funds!

Here are some web hosts with affiliate programs that I would recommend you consider joining...

Quality Web Hosts:

Site Build it!:

This is the web host that I personally highly recommend and they are definitely the best host to represent!

They have the most amazing  web building tools that are on offer at an excellent (single) price and they have a superb success record.

They are also the only company that provides a comprehensive action guide to building a successful website that attracts free traffic from the search engines!

And just as important, they pay affiliates $75 - $250 commissions, on subscriptions for a lifetime!

There's that recurring income potential I was talking about!!!


Vodahost is another great webmaster affiliate to represent.

They offer a very basic hosting package (compared to Site Build it!), at a very cheap rate! They also provide a really great webpage builder which simplifies the building of your website.

They pay you $70 for each sale that you send to them!


Homestead's web builder is a really amazing product but unfortunately their hosting fees are more expensive than other web hosts.

But even with that in mind they are still an excellent web host to represent!

Do a Search...

You can also do a simple Google Search below to find Webmaster Affiliates to represent...

Marketing Web Hosting Companies:

Once you've chosen what web hosts to represent, you will need to promote your fundraiser!

You should first equip yourself with information about the web host and why their services are better than others!

Also do some research into how to build a successful website so you can help people who want to start their own websites!

Here are some suggestible ways to promote your web hosts....

Advertise On Your Website:

You can do this in many different ways, but a simple block somewhere, like in the right hand column, on all your pages, will do the best job.

Have it say something like this...

"Want to own your own website? Or want to promote your business online? Or do you want to start a web store? Find all the tools and services to build a successful website by clicking here....

And raise funds for (your cause) at the same time!"

You can also then have a small block or single liner at the bottom of your page that says...

"Looking for web hosting? We use Site Build It!, and have found them to be an exceptionally good web host!"


Webmaster Affiliate Fundraising. (Photo by Howard Lake / Flickr)

You can market your webmaster affiliates through your newsletters in the same fashion as on your website.

Have a block somewhere in your newsletter that promotes the web host, and let's your readers know that they will be raising funds for your cause if they use this web hosting service!

Obviously if it is a physical newsletter you will need people to contact you to find out more information and/or use a QR Code with your special affiliate link attached!

Personal Contact:

This method will probably see the highest results as you will be meeting fact to face with prospects... Which is always the best way to get results!!!

Start by contacting and promoting to all the local businesses in your area, and all the businesses that have supported you in the past.

You will find that many of them will be looking to set up a website to help promote their businesses - or that many of them will have websites already that they'll be more than happy to transfer across to a new web host!

Also be creative about who you contact.

You will find that schools, churches, other nonprofits and even individuals will be looking to set up websites... All you need to do is encourage them and help them set them up!

Final Notes:

Being a webmaster affiliate can be a very lucrative form of fundraising if you apply yourself correctly!

With a few people or businesses using your recommended web hosting services you'll find yourself receiving a very nice residual income stream from this fundraising idea!

So be prepared to run it properly...

Be sure that you can answer any questions about the web host, if people ask, and be ready to give advice to people who are building their websites.

Ready To Get Started?

Then head over to the Solo Build It! affiliate sign up page (they are the host I most highly recommend) and sign up to their brilliant webmaster affiliate program!

They provide some brilliant education and tools for promoting their services effectively that you must definitely take use of.

And if you haven't already... Setup your FREE online Donation / Fundraising page here.

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