Wrapping Paper Fundraiser

Gift Wrap Fundraising - Simple & Profitable! (Photo by TinyHo / Flickr)

You may be asking, "Will a wrapping paper fundraiser work and be profitable?"

Well, have you ever considered that the best product fundraising ideas are the ones where people have to buy that product anyway!

And yes, you guessed it; wrapping paper is one of those Must Buy Anyway fundraising products!

This is such a simple fundraising idea it's ridiculous!

During the right times of the year your organization or cause should sell wrapping paper to its supporters.

So when are those right times?

Well, Christmas and the festive season is a no brainer!

So pretty much anytime of the year when people are going to be giving gifts out. Like what about Thanks Giving.

Let's do it...

Wrapping Paper Fundraiser -
Simple Fundraising Ideas:

First things first you will need to decide for what time of the year you will be targeting this fundraiser.

The festive season over December would probably be the best time to do this.

The Wrapping Paper Fundraiser is a simple and rewarding fundraising idea that can be utilized by many causes. (Photo by Katy Warner / Flickr)

You will need to plan ahead of time so that you have the wrapping paper in stock and you have started advertising before people actually start buying wrapping paper for their gifts.

You don't want to miss out on any sales or funds do you?!?

So your first step will be to find a wrapping paper supplier...

You can look locally to find a good deal through a store or find a supplier over the web. Either way make sure that you get the best deal and that the wrapping paper is good quality!

Use a simple Google search below to find a suitable supplier...

Promote Your Gift Wrap:

You will want to start advertising your wrapping paper fundraiser early on.

You want as many people know that they can support your cause by buying their gift wrap through you!

Here are some ways to advertise it...

  • Post the fundraiser on your website with details of how people can buy the wrapping paper.
  • Advertise it in your newsletters and on your Facebook and Twitter pages.
  • Have posters up at your organization and ask local businesses to put your posters up as well. You can also ask them to place info about your fundraiser on their websites and to hand out flyers to their employees and customers.
  • Spread it by word of mouth. Tell as many people as you see about your wrapping paper fundraiser and ask them to pass on the word.
  • Advertise (Preferably for free; you are a fundraising cause after all) in local newspapers, news groups, and notice boards.

Remember the bottom line is; the more exposure you have about your gift wrap fundraiser, the more people will buy from you, and the more funds you will raise...

So get the word out there!

For more great ideas and tips on promoting your wrapping paper fundraiser read here!

Consider Using A Sales Team:

If you have a good base of members or kids in your organization you could use them to sell the gift wrap directly to people.

Get them together and prepare them properly.

You will want to give them a basic sales pitch guideline using the words 'help' and 'because'.

Research shows that these two words help increase positive responses in sales by up to 97%.

Also teach them to...

You should also teach them to smile and look the person in the eye when they are greeting a prospect.

Once they are equipped and ready, you should send them out to sell the wrapping paper to their families, friends, neighbors, and anyone they're willing to talk to!

A great resource for advice on using a sales team is Jack Atwell's "Lets Raise Money". Definitely a must read book, so read my review on it!

Ending Off:

The wrapping paper fundraiser will work really well over the festive season and any other time during the year when gifts are given out.

It's the perfect Christmas fundraiser.

The great thing about it is that it's a product that people have to buy anyway, which is the perfect type of product for any fundraising idea!

It is a simple fundraising idea that I would recommend most organizations use.

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