The 50/50 Raffle Fundraiser. Super simple and effective fundraising.

The 50 50 Raffle Fundraiser

The 50 50 Raffle Fundraiser has got to be the easiest fundraising idea there is. It is honestly so simple and easy to setup, it's quite remarkable!

So Why is it so Easy?

* No stocking or selling products people don't want,

* No need to find or purchase prizes...

* Just sell raffle tickets, and the winner receives 50% of the proceeds from the raffle sales!!! Or 50% is split between a few winners. For example, 30% for 1st prize, 15% for 2nd, and 5% for 3rd.

How simple and easy is that?!

So here's what you do...

How To Make a 50 50 Raffle Fundraiser Super Successful:

Please note that the amount of funds you need to raise will dictate how many of the ideas below you need to use.

The more you need to raise, the more you'll need to do.

If it's a small individual fundraising campaign, then simply selling tickets by yourself to friends, family and acquaintances might be all you need to do! A big organization with bigger goals though, will need to do more.

For any raffle to be successful the most important thing is to sell as many tickets as possible.

And the same concept applies to a 50 50 Raffle.

The only difference is that with most other raffles, you need to find awesome prizes to motivate people to buy tickets. With a 50 50 Raffle Fundraiser it's the potential of huge prize money that motivates buyers!

So you and your sales team need to sell tickets with utmost confidence that you're going to sell loads of tickets and have a very worthwhile winning sum of money!

So firstly...

Set a Goal:

You should set a clear goal for ticket sales. That way you're able to give potential buyers a figure of what the Prize Money most likely will be. For example...

"We're aiming to sell 400 tickets (at $5 a ticket), which means that you could win $1000! ... And if we sell more, you could win more!!!"

With a clear goal you're now able to give your buyers an exact prize amount to motivate them to buy tickets!

You've also got a goal to motivate your sales team towards!!!


Create Excitement:

If it's only a small amount you need to raise than the following ideas are probably not necessary. But obviously the bigger your fundraising needs and goals are, the more effort you'll need to put into your fundraiser.

So look to create some excitement and buzz around your 50 50 Raffle Fundraiser.

You should obviously promote it through all your communication channels...

  • Newsletters,
  • Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and/or Google +,
  • Posters at your organization and local community boards,
  • And obviously through word of mouth buzz!

But More Importantly: Update Prize Amount Growth...

As you sell tickets and your prize amount grows, make exciting announcements and updates to people through all the above channels.

Essentially create excitement around your prize amount to build interest in the raffle, spread the word further, and increase ticket sales!

Another option to create excitement would be to...

Make It Exclusive:

You could look to do a 100s Club style fundraiser where you only have 100 high priced tickets available!

This provides a specific high prize amount and an exclusivity factor that is quite appealing.

With only 100 tickets being sold your chances of winning are far higher than an open raffle that sells 400 tickets. It also justifies the high price of the tickets.

My home town's Pre-Primary School recently did a 100s Club Fundraiser, with tickets priced at R1000 ($100), that was a huge success!

And to create excitement at the drawing event you could look to do a Reverse Raffle, check it out.

Selling Tickets:

Here are a few more ideas you could do to sell more tickets...

  • Have multiple methods for purchasing tickets. Simply make it as easy as possible for supporters to buy tickets.
  • Create incentives for buying multiple tickets. For example, if you buy 10 tickets, you get 2 for free!
  • Create incentives for your sales team. For example have a prize for the most tickets sold, or for every 20 tickets sold the seller gets one free ticket themselves.

You can get 50/50 Raffle tickets for your fundraiser here.

So In Summary:

The 50/50 Raffle Fundraiser has got to be the easiest fundraising idea there is. No products, no prizes - The winner simply receives 50% of proceeds.

To make a 50 50 Raffle Fundraiser super successful you need to simply sell as many tickets as possible. So...

  • Set a clear goal with an idea of what the prize amount will be.
  • Create as much excitement as possible around the raffle and it's prize amount/s!!!
  • Continue to remind people about the Raffle as the prize amount rises.
  • Make it easy for people to buy tickets.
  • And give incentives for bulk ticket buyers, and also ticket sellers.

For more raffle ideas and advice read here...

Good luck with your Raffle. I'm sure it'll be a huge success!!!

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