Rewarding Fundraiser Raffle Ideas

There are so many great fundraiser raffle ideas out there that you could go nuts with them all...

And what's so great about raffles is that you can always add them into any fundraiser or event that you hold.

I am a huge fan of Raffles!

But what you really need to know is how to make any raffle as rewarding as it could possibly be.

So here are a few raffle ideas you can use that will turn your raffles into Bigger Profit makers...

Raffle Fundraising Ideas:

Pick the right prizes:

If you have amazing prizes to be won, that people really want, they will then buy as many tickets as they can get their hands on...

So think long and carefully about what prizes you will get.

Here are a few ideas...

Extra Ticket Awards:

Award people extra raffle tickets for larger amounts of tickets bought.

For example if someone buys 10 tickets give them an extra 2, or if someone buys 50 tickets give them an extra 10. It's such a great incentive for people to buy more tickets!

Fundraising Raffle Tickets - Get some great fundraiser raffle ideas here. (Photo by Andrew Skudder / Flickr)

Free Giveaways For Bought Tickets:

This will work well with high priced tickets. Offer something small and simple as a gift to say thank you to the supporter for buying a ticket.

For example your Fundraising Lollipops would be perfect for this.

This is the best...

If you are a school or have a youth group, you have a powerful set of tools in your hands... KIDS! With the right amount of motivation, children are able to do just about anything, especially selling loads of Raffle tickets!

So motivate them... Offer incentives for selling tickets, like the top sellers will receive certain prizes or money.

Motivated Kids - Fundraiser Raffle Ideas (Photo by Montecruz Foto off

Or how about running a separate raffle for the kids, where tickets can't be bought but can only be earned by selling tickets in the main raffle.

Say every 5 tickets someone sells they earn 1 ticket for the incentive raffle.

You should then brainstorm the best and coolest toys and prizes for the kids to win. If you find things that they would go mad for, I can tell you that your raffle tickets will sell FAST!

And don't just tell the kids about the prizes they could win, get them excited about it, remind them often and keep them syked!

An excellent book that I learned a great deal about fundraising sales incentives was Let's Raise Money. Take a look at my review of it.

I would also suggest that you make sure that every kid comes away with something, even if the non-winners just get a bag of sweets...

That way, come next year at the next Raffle all the kids will still be motivated and keen!

Don't Charge Too Much:

I used a raffle at a Fundraising theater evening I had and we were trying to decide how much to charge per ticket.

My mom suggested we only charge R10($1) a ticket instead of R25($2.5) as someone with a R100 rand note would be happier to use it all if they could get 10 tickets from it instead of only 4 if it was R25/ticket...

She was right, our Raffle coined it and so many people bought 10 tickets with a R100 note!

Obviously don't charge too little either... You actually do have to make money off your Raffle!

Sell Tickets Online:

You should come up with a way for people to buy tickets off your website! If the prizes are really good, any random visitor to your website might be interested in buying a ticket...

I have personally bought a raffle ticket from a charity's website who I had never ever heard of before... the raffle prize was really good!

It will also make it easier for some of your supporters to buy tickets!

Some great Fundraiser Raffle Ideas, right?

Well here's one more…

Promote Your Raffle Effectively:

You must market your fundraiser raffle ideas as much as you can!

Obviously your sales team will be spreading the word and selling tickets... but don't just be content with this only. You want to sell as many tickets as possible so make sure as many people know!

Use your website, as well as social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Then email all your newsletter subscribers and supporters about the Raffle!

Check the marketing your website page for extra ideas!

Recommended Resource:

This Fundraiser Raffle Ideas eBook is the perfect resource to help you boost your raffle profits. Take a look!

One Last Important Thing...

Have as much fun with it as you can, so that you and your team will be happy to do it again come next time!

Your excitement and enjoyment will also rub off on your ticket buyers... exactly what you want!

If you want an example of an event you can use a raffle in, I'd suggest you look at the golf day fundraiser...

It's a big earning Fundraiser and can be very rewarding!

I wish you all the best of luck for your fundraiser raffle ideas... Get excited about it and go do it!

An option you could use instead of a Raffle is an auction or an online auction. Take a look!

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