Beef Jerky Fundraising

Also known as biltong fundraising, beef jerky fundraising is a really great food fundraiser!

The reason it's so great is simple:

It's a popular food snack - And any popular food can be used as a profitable fundraising idea.

All you need to do is make sure that all your supporters, members, and local community enjoy eating beef jerky...

If they do, then they'll buy from you, regardless of whether they want to help your cause or not!

Beef Jerky Fundraising. Learn how to use this popular food snack as a profitable fundraiser.

But the fact that you are a fundraising cause should always be used as extra encouragement for people to purchase from your fundraiser.


Beef Jerky Fundraising is a great way of bringing in those much needed funds while supplying people with something they probably already want!

So let's get it started...

Beef Jerky Fundraising Supplier:

Once you have decided to hold a Beef Jerky Fundraiser you will need to find a supplier. Something that should be quite simple to do!

For American and Canadian fundraisers you have access to this excellent Beef Jerky Fundraising program.

You can also grab their free fundraising product guide to see what other fundraising products you could use.

For other countries it should be quite easy to find a local supplier that will give you a great discount on your biltong. If you can't find one, a simple Google search below should find a supplier in your country...

Prepare Your Sales Team:

You are obviously going to need a team of people to go around selling your beef jerky to your supporters and potential customers.

So your first step will be to recruit your sales team and prepare them to sell your biltong successfully.

Depending on what type of organization you are, will depend on who your sales team will be...

If you are a school you can use all your school kids. If you're a church you could use members of your church. Or for other organizations you may need to find volunteers from friends, family, or even strangers.

Want the most profitable Beef Jerky Fundraising Program. Plus learn how to make this fundraising idea really profitable!

Sales Pitch Guideline...

Once you've got your team, prepare them with the stock they need and with a brief sales pitch guideline using the words "help" and "because". For example...

"Hi, I'm from Uppington Church, would you like to buy some beef jerky to 'help' us fundraise. We're fundraising 'because' we are 'helping' a local Orphans home who is in great need at the moment."

Then get them motivated and send them out to raise those much needed funds!

A Sales Incentive...

Consider using a sales incentive as motivation to get your team to sell as much biltong as possible!

In Jack Atwell eBook, "Let's Raise Money", he talks about how important it is to have a sales incentive and how well it can boost your amount of sales and therefore your profits!

So a sales incentive is a really great idea!

Sales Stands At Malls & Events:

Setting up stands at local shopping malls, outside popular stores and at events is a great beef jerky fundraising sales boosting strategy!

What you will first need to do is get the right permission to set your stand up. You will also want to make sure your stand is situated in a place where lots of people walk by!


Display your beef jerky on the stands in an appealing way and have a few big banners with catchy slogans on them. The banners should let everyone know what it is you are selling, and what you are fundraising for.

Then make sure that your sales team is walking around at the event or mall, selling the beef jerky.

The combination of a stand and your sales team should make for a profitable beef jerky fundraising day!

Don't Forget To Advertise:

Do not forget to advertise and market your beef jerky fundraisers. Use all the usual channels to let people know what you are fundraising and how they can buy some.

Biltong or Beef Jerky is a great fundraising product. Definitely worth considering for your next fundraising drive!

Here are some ideas you could use to advertise...

  • Use your fundraising website, your newsletters, and Social Networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.
  • Email all your supporters, friends, and family, and encourage them to forward your email on.
  • Word of mouth.
  • Use flyers, posters and adverts in local news prints.

Read here for great ideas on promoting your fundraisers.

Ending Off:

Beef Jerky fundraising can be a really profitable fundraising idea for any group as long as your supporters enjoy eating it.

If they do, then it is definitely an option for you to consider.

Personally, this is a fundraiser that I would definitely do, and that's because I absolutely love beef jerky.

Only problem is that I could quite easily end up eating all the profits... And this is something you should be careful of too!!!

Don't eat your stock before you sell it!

Good luck!

Ready To Get Started?

Then head over to the GA Beef Jerky Fundraising programs and find the one that works best for your group. Or for non-US (or Canada) fundraisers do a Google Search up above.

And if you haven't already... Setup your FREE online Donation / Fundraising page here.

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