Boat Contest (expense free!)

by J. Shub
(San Juan, PR)

The Boat Contest Fundraiser:

The Boat contest starts out with advertising.

A date needs to be set and a place to carry out the event. The location is any major source of water (lake, river etc.).

The rules are as such (you can change them, this is only a sample):

  • Specify the maximum number of kids per group.
  • Competition rules (no motors, sails are recommended, creativity).

Now for the fund-raising part: To enter in the competition, there is a participation fee of your choosing.

The only thing your group needs to do is advertise, be at the event (on time) and perhaps, to make a little more money, sell food and drinks.

This activity not only benefits your group, but also helps build relationships between kids and their peers and parents.

Rob's Note:

Awesome idea! I really really like it and the boat contest seems pretty simple to set up! And loads of fun!

I would recommend though, that you do provide refreshments as a extra fundraising option! In fact if you are holding any type of event, especially one where there is physical involvement, it should be mandatory that you provide refreshments and food!

Also always look for other ways to fundraise through the event, like holding a raffle, or selling organization bracelets or other Organization(Fundraising) Apparel, etc.!

Grab this Free Fundraising Guide to see what products you could use.

Another great fundraising idea would be to setup a FREE Go Fund Me fundraising page.

But please make sure you read the Online Donations pages to fundraise through this effectively!

Another thing you have to remember is safety.

With kid's out on water you want to make sure you cover yourself and more importantly, make sure that nothing happens. And if something does happen, someone with the correct expertise needs to be there to save the day (or the kid)!

Have fun! Cos I'm sure this boat contest will be one very fun fundraiser!!!

And not to forget the benefits you described in your last paragraph about relationship building. Awesome!

To end off I always recommend the Instant Event Fundraising System resource to all people who are going to, or looking to, run fundraising events.

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