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Who would have thought you could raise funds with a Coca Cola Fundraiser!

But hey...

Coca Cola is probably one of the most well known brands in the world and most households consume a large amount of their products on a monthly basis.

So here's the cruncher...

People are buying Coke products every month, ANYWAY!

Coca Cola Fundraiser - Profitable Food Fundraisers (Photo by Eric Schmuttenmaer off Flickr)

Therefore, just get them to order their products through you and you've got yourself a simple and profitable fundraising idea!

This is one of the food fundraisers that is working extremely well for loads of groups...

The Coca Cola Fundraiser:

With this food fundraiser you will be selling Coca Cola products by the case.

So supporters will order a case of Coke or other Cola drinks that you will deliver to them.

You must have an 'order by' date and delivery date set out, and make sure that your sales team has all the orders in by that date!

You will need to source your Coke cases from somewhere as well, so you will need to do a bit of research and organizing for that...

Some groups are able to get their products directly from Coke, but you may need to use a local wholesaler that will be happy to sell you products at a discount.

Use a simple Google Search to find a bulk Coke supplier...

Just make sure you do your math correctly and ensure that your profit margins are worth the effort of running this fundraiser.

Fundraising Sales:

The bottom line of any sales driven fundraiser is 'The more you sell; The more profit you make!'

And you will maximize your sales by having a properly prepared sales team and by advertising properly.

Depending on your organization your sales team could be members in your group, your sports team, or kids at your school.

Just make sure that you prepare them properly with the right order forms and a sales pitch guideline.

In the sales pitch the seller must smile and look the prospect in the eye. Then briefly explain the fundraiser, your cause, what it is they are selling, how the person can help out and what their benefit will be.

Always use the words 'help' and 'because' in the pitch! Research shows that these two trigger words can increase a positive response by over 90%.

Coca Cola Fundraiser - Rewarding Fundraising Ideas. Learn how to do this great fundraiser... (Photo by Persis Micah Flores off Flickr)

A great idea to motivate your sales team and to boost sales is to offer an incentive competition for best sales. Have prizes or gifts to give out to the best sellers, or to sellers who sell over a certain amount of cases etc.

For more information on getting the best out of a fundraising sales team you should read Jack Atwells book "Let's Raise Money". Read my review of this fundraising eBook here.

Just remember to always be aware of your sales team's safety and if they are kids, they must always have an adult accompanying them when taking orders!

Advertising Your Coke Fundraiser:

If you create good awareness for this Coca Cola fundraiser it will make it a lot easier for your team to sell loads of cases!

You should then also receive extra orders from supporters that contact you directly!

So how can you advertise this fundraising idea properly? Simply use all the common methods...

  1. The first way is to write a post about it on your fundraising site or blog and to advertise it around your website.

    Also advertise your Coca Cola Fundraiser on your Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter pages and get your followers there to spread the word on!
  2. Mention it in your newsletters, thank you letters, and other fundraising letters.
  3. Ask local businesses to place posters on their walls and hand out flyers to their employees and customers. Also ask if they could put something up on their websites about it!
  4. Send out a press release (More on press releases in Jack Atwell's "Let's Raise Money") and advertise in local news groups, preferably for free!
  5. Word of mouth!
  6. And obviously through your sales team.

Wrapping Up:

The Coca Cola fundraiser can be a very profitable fundraiser and loads of groups are using it successfully!

But, it will take some organizing and preparation!

So be ready to put some work in. But it all boils down to...

If you prepare your sales team properly; you're going to have an extremely profitable Coca Cola fundraiser!

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