Discount Pizza Fundraising Cards

Pizza fundraising cards are one of the best Pizza fundraisers that you could use.

This article will teach you how to use them for profitable and exciting fundraising!

After all, you do want an exciting fundraiser right?! The more fun your fundraising team has, the more they'll sell and the more you'll raise!

And just like custom discount fundraiser cards, this profitable fundraising product is a win-win-win fundraiser...

Learn how to make your Pizza Card Fundraiser profitable. (Photo by Sebastian Mary / Flickr)
  • You win because you raise excellent funds!
  • Your supporters win because they receive discounts or free Pizzas!
  • And the Businesses win because they receive more customers!

So will this fundraising idea work for you?

Well, do your members, supporters and potentials customers enjoy Pizzas?

If your answer is yes, then this is definitely a fundraiser that would be profitable and rewarding for you!

Let us get started...

Acquiring Your Discount Pizza Cards:

Your first step will be to acquire your discount pizza fundraising cards. There are two ways of doing this...

  1. By using a fundraising company.
  2. By acquiring the cards from local pizza companies yourself.

I would suggest that you go with the first option as it will save you a load of work, and you will also probably end up making the same profit margins.

I personally recommend you use Easy Fundraising Ideas' Discount Card program .

Or use a Google Search below to find a fundraising company that supplies Pizza Fundraising Cards near you...

To see some other fundraising products options I'd recommend you grab this FREE fundraising product guide.

Maximizing Sales & Profits:

There are three steps with maximizing your sales and profits with fundraising cards...

1. By Selling Popular Pizza Fundraising Cards

Your first step will be to choose the pizza store that your supporter and potential customers most enjoy going to and then selling the discount cards for that store.

The more popular the store is, the more excited people will be about getting discounts for their Pizza!

2. By Using A Sales Team:

Your next step will be to recruit a sales team that will go around selling the discount fundraiser cards or taking orders for them.

Decide who your sales team will be. This will totally depend on what your organization or cause is.

Will it be your immediate friends and family? Your fundraising committee? Your PTA association? Your youth group? Or all your kid's at school?

If you are an organization with a youth group, then it would be an idea to get all your kid's involved!

But I would suggest that you get them to take orders for the cards, rather than actually take a heap of cards to sell... They might very well lose or misplace the cards before they sell them!

Prep With a Sales Pitch Guideline...

Then prep your team with a brief sales pitch guideline using the words "help" and "because" in your pitch.

"Hi, would you like to buy a discount pizza card to 'help' my church fundraise. We're fundraising 'because' we want to 'help' a local Orphans home who is in great need at the moment."

Then Motivate & Encourage Them...

...To sell as many cards as they can, to friends, family and anyone interested!

Also consider using a sales incentive for extra motivation. This works really well with kids, and if you have really great prizes, the kids will go nuts to sell as many as they can.

I learned a lot on fundraising sales and sales incentives from this fundraising eBook (Click to read review).

3. By Promoting & Marketing Thoroughly:

Your last step will be to advertise and market your fundraiser as much as possible.

Don't just leave it up to your sales team. You must let as many people know about your pizza fundraising cards as you can!

Pizza Fundraising Card example.

The more people who know about the cards, which will give them great deals and help them save money...

The more cards you will sell...

And therefore the more money you will fundraise!

Read here for the best ideas on promoting your Pizza Fundraising Cards.

Finishing Notes:

Pizza fundraising cards are a great way of fundraising and can obviously be very profitable and successful.

People like Pizza... And people like Discounts... Which makes these fundraising cards easy to sell!

Remember to sell cards with discounts from the most popular pizza store. And then prepare your sales team properly, and promote your cards as best you can.

The more you sell the better your profit margin will be!

Ready To Get Started?

Then setup your fundraising card fundraiser with EFI over here. Then start planning your promotions and recruiting your sales team!

And if you haven't already... Setup your FREE online Donation / Fundraising page here.

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