Coffee Fundraiser -
A Profitable Fundraising Product

Like all other fundraising product ideas, a coffee fundraiser will be profitable through good promoting and selling.

It's a popular product as is, which makes fundraising with it easier...

All you need to decide is whether it is popular enough for your members, supporters and potential fundraising customers.

I highly doubt that it isn't!

It's also an anyway product; people will buy coffee ANYWAY whether you fundraise with or not...

A Coffee Fundraiser is brilliant because it uses a product that people are buying ANYWAY regardless of whether you are selling it as a fundraiser or not. (Photo by Sean Neakums / Flickr)

So it won't be hard for people to buy their coffee through your cause this month, rather than through a meaningless store.

You will also need to decide what type of coffee is most popular. Instant coffee, Filter coffee, or Espresso coffee. Or you might decide to offer all three options.

This is obviously your first step... Deciding whether a coffee fundraiser will work for your cause or group.

Let's look at what you need to do next...

Coffee Fundraising:

Preparing and organizing is one of the most important aspects of any fundraiser.

And here's the first thing to start planning and preparing...

Your Sales Team...

Your sales team will be your most important asset for this type of product fundraiser! So start by putting in the required steps to prepare them.

If you are not a school or organization with a youth group, which means you'll have your kids as your sales team, then you will need to start finding volunteers from your members and supporters.

Then set up a guideline sales pitch for them to use with prospective customers. And also teach them some basic sales skills.

Coffee Beans for your Coffee Fundraiser! (Photo by Lilian Wong / Flickr)

Plan Your Launch...

Then start planning your launch with your sales team, where you'll do most of that basic training. This aspect of your fundraiser is also something which Jack Atwell talks about in detail in his book.

It's also the perfect time to get your team excited and motivated.

And not to forget that you should also set up a sales incentive program as encouragement for your sellers to sell loads of coffee!

And lastly make sure you know how you are going to promote the coffee fundraiser and prepare for it!

Running Your Coffee Fundraiser Online?

Then you definitely need to read this book called Launch by Jeff Walker. A must read for any Online Fundraising campaign.

Of course you can't fundraise without Coffee though, so...

Coffee Fundraiser Supplier:

You will need to find someone to supply your Coffee for your fundraiser.

There are certain fundraising companies that supply coffee specifically for fundraising! For American fundraisers I'd recommend you use Driven Coffee.

Certain coffee shops might also be willing to get involved and supply your coffee fundraiser packs.

Or use a Google Search below to find a Coffee pack supplier in your area...

You'll also want to possibly offer a different product alongside your coffee as an alternative for people who don't want coffee, but still want to support.

Grab a free fundraising product guide to see what options you could use for this.

Promoting Your Fundraiser:

Obviously your main form of promoting will come directly from your fundraising sales team and the word of mouth that they create!

But you should also promote your coffee fundraiser through a few other methods, informing people on how and from whom they can buy their coffee and support your cause!

Here's how...


Announce the fundraiser at all your gatherings (Assemblies, Church congregations, Events etc.) and ask everyone to start spreading the word.

Also place announcements in all your letters and mass correspondences. Like your newsletters (both online and off), class reports, Church 'order of proceedings' brochures, and thank you letters.

Coffee Fundraising Letters/Emails:

You should type up a fundraising letter request that you send to all your members, supporters, and donor list. Include info on the benefits of the fundraiser for the supporter and for your cause!

Also give details of how the person can order coffee packs and list your fundraising team so that they can contact one of them directly if they wish.

For tips on how to write effective fundraising letters read here.

Your Organization Website:

Announce on your Website with an article (consider customizing your coffee fundraiser letter for your website). Then continuously promote your fundraiser on your website throughout its duration.

Social Media Platforms:

You should also announce your coffee fundraiser on all your Social Media platforms. Then constantly promote it and update your progress there.

If you don't have a Facebook page, Pinterest account, or Twitter account for your group... then it’s time you set one up.

Coffee Fundraising. One phenomenal fundraising idea!!! (Photo by Sander Van Der Waal / Flickr)

Encourage people to share your posts and spread the word further through their personal accounts. Also post images of your product, your sales team at work and also images of what the fundraiser is aid of (if applicable).

And Remember...

That all your promotions should be done in a way that creates excitement and somewhat of a BUZZ!

Promote in an appealing way that encourages people to support because of the actual fundraising product, but also because of your cause.

Make them feel your cause is really worthwhile supporting, as I’m sure it is!

Closing Notes:

After deciding that a Coffee Fundraiser will be popular for your members, supporters and potential supporters, you need to get organized and prepared.

Find the right coffee pack supplier after reviewing their fundraising program or potential profit margins, and also the quality of their coffee.

Then for this fundraiser to be a success you need to prepare your sales team effectively and get them excited....

...While at the same time promoting your coffee fundraiser in a way that gets your supporters excited and ready to buy their coffee!

So get wired up on Caffeine and have a blast with this food fundraiser! And don't forget to come back and tell your fundraising success story either.

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