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So what is Crowd Funding?

Simply put, it is the raising of funds through donations from a 'crowd' of people usually done online.

Wikipedia describes it as such...

"Crowdfunding (alternately crowd financing, equity crowdfunding, or hyper funding) describes the collective effort of individuals who network and pool their money, usually via the Internet, to support efforts initiated by other people or organizations." Read here for the entire article.

It's a fundraising method that is very popular for many, many causes...

Hardships, disaster relief, film projects, startup businesses, software development, weddings, charities, individuals fundraising for nonprofits, invention funding, science research, overseas trips, cancer treatment, college fees, etc.

The list of causes is endless.

Check out some causes that are Crowdfunding below...

But regardless of what the cause is, it needs to grab attention, drive traffic to the fundraising page, gain trust and inspire the potential donors into donating!

A feat which is not always easy to accomplish depending on what the cause is and who the potential donors are.

And that's why I have specifically written the Online Donations pages to help Crowdfunders succeed with their fundraising...

Crowd Funding Success Articles:

The following three part series of articles is a comprehensive guide to understanding what makes a Crowd Funder successful, how to set your page up effectively, and how to promote your fundraiser so that you get funded.

But just remember that there are only two main steps to your fundraising success...

  1. Make an awesome fundraising page.
  2. And then drive as many people to that page as you possibly can!

Here are the articles...

And to round it all up in one comprehensive article, read this the 10 Step Guide to Holding a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign.

Where to Setup Your Fundraiser:

There are loads of Crowdfunding websites that you can use...

But this is the one that I recommend.

Another Option...

Is to use the slightly unconventional, yet brilliant, method of T Shirt Crowdfunding. You can find out how this works here.

Another Type of Crowd Sourcing:

Instead of setting up a page on a Crowdfunding website you could instead use a Supporter Wall.

This is also known as Brick Fundraising and was made famous by Alex Tew when he raised a million dollars for his university fees off his "million dollar fundraising" page.

The Supporter Wall app makes this fundraiser really easy to setup. All you need is a website and once again, promote it like mad!!!

Recommended Fundraising Ideas:

Online Apparel Fundraising

Online Auction Fundraiser

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