Have some fun with this cool Food Fundraiser: Fortune Cookies! (Photo by Images Money / Flickr)

Fortune Cookies: A Fun Food Fundraiser!

The fortune cookies fundraiser is a FUN option to your cookie dough brochure fundraising, and your ordinary fundraising cookies.

It is a simple fundraising idea that will raise awareness for your cause at the same time as raising funds!

So What Are They?

They are simply cookies that hold a slip of paper inside, describing a fortune, quote, joke or proverb.

They are really meant to be a bit of fun, as people eat their cookies and then share their fortunes or proverbs, with their friends!

But that slip of paper can also work as awareness for your organization or cause!

This is how you will do it...

Fortune Cookies - Making & Baking:

The first step...

After reviewing your schedules and events, and decided whether selling these cookies will be viable (please read the fundraising cookies for more info on this), you will need to make and bake your cookies.

Fortune Cookie Fundraising: A fun, simple food fundraising idea that lends an opportunity to market your cause or it's events etc, further! (Photo by Randy Heinitz / Flickr)

The first decision will be whether you will bake the cookies yourself, or whether you will outsource the cookies from a baking company.

There are many companies available for you to shop around in and find the best deal, but if you decide to bake the cookies yourself, you will need to make another decision...

On Your Dough...

And this will be to decide if you will make your own dough, or once again buy the dough in from a supplying company!

To help you with this...

Here is the Cookie Dough Fundraising Supplier that I recommend for all American and Canadian fundraisers, for you to review.

For all other countries do a quick Google Search to help with this...

Your Fortune Cards/Papers:

It will be up to you to decide what phrases etc. will be best received by your supporters and customers...

Will they enjoy finding proverbs, or maybe inspirational fundraising quotes inside their fortune cookies?

Or maybe they'd enjoy some short jokes... and of course they may even want their futures foretold (The last thing I ever want to read; but that is just me!).

Find out how this super food fundraiser can raise great funds and be fun at the same time!  (Photo by Karen Neoh / Flickr)

On the other side of your fortune slip you will leave a small advertisement for your cause, which is...

How This Idea Raises Awareness:

All of your fortune slips should contain some form of awareness raiser for your organization and cause.

So on the back of your fortune slips add a small advertisement, with your website address and possibly your other contact details.

Then every time someone buys a fortune cookie from you, they will read a "fortune", as well as information about your cause!

To make this work really well you should advertise something in specific.

 Some ideas would be...

  • Promote your Website, Blog or Social Media accounts! Remember to use a QR Code/s for easy linking.
  • An online raffle you are holding. Advertise the prizes and have the URL to your specific raffle page. (Plus a QR Code).
  • A lottery. Have numbers on the slips that people can go to your website to check against the winning numbers there!
  • An upcoming event. Have the event location and date, and a URL address / QR Code to its web page!

And that's how Fortune Cookies can help raise funds and awareness for your fundraising cause!

I wish you the best of luck with your Fundraiser!

Fortune Cookies - A simple and fun food fundraiser! (Photo by Maza / Flickr)

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