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Making Your Site Sticky

Why do some Fundraiser Websites continually raise funds? Because their visitors and supporters keep coming back!

And guess what...

You can do the same thing!

All you need to do is find something that will encourage your supporters to return to your site.

It could be one of the great ideas I give below or it could be something you come up with by yourself.

Each Fundraising Cause is unique and will therefore use different ways of making their site sticky.

Here are some fantastic ideas for creating site stickiness on your nonprofit or fundraising website! (Photo by Woodleywonderworks / Flickr)

So be creative and thoughtful...

There may be a great visitor retaining idea just waiting to be discovered for your type of fundraiser website!

And remember the more often people visit your site, the more they will read about your cause, and the more likely they'll be willing to help out. So keep those supporters coming back...

Visitor Retention & Site Stickiness:

Here are some great ideas for Fundraiser Websites to improve their site's stickiness and retain their visitors...

1. Online Calendar:

Offer an online Calendar with information on local events and events which have relevance to your cause and target audience.

For example
, if you're a sports club you can have a calendar that lists all the local league fixtures. And you could also include all the national and international fixtures for your sport/s.

Then you just have to make sure that all your members (And all the members of the other clubs in your league) know about it.

And let's be creative
... You can take it one step further! Include all the results and log standings on your website as well. More reasoning for people to return to your site!

Once people know about your calendar they'll visit your site to find the relevant information. A great lure to get people to keep coming back to your site!

Just remember to make sure that your info is correct, you want to keep your credibility.

2. A Newsletter:

This is a great way of keeping people up to date about your cause and to keep them coming back to your site. Offer one weekly, monthly or quarterly depending on you and your cause.

If your web host doesn't provide an auto-responder/newsletter service than I would suggest using Aweber. They're reasonably priced and reliable.

3. Have a Site Forum:

Another great way is by having a forum that discusses topics relative to your cause.

Be creative about it and always offer new topics up for discussion, letting as many people know about them.

A forum can be quite hard to setup but SBI has all the info and help for you to add a forum to your site.

4. Post Photo Galleries:

Say for sports events or fundraising events or even anything that is relevant and wanted...

You could even charge people a small fee to download any photos they want!

5. Contests and Quizzes:

How about running online contests or quizzes on your fundraising website!

Like a weekly or daily Trivia Questionnaire.You could also do this on your Facebook page.

6. Classified Ads:

You could even have a local online classified advertisement section.

A great way of both Fundraising and retaining visitors!

7. Social Media Sites:

You should use your Social Media account just as much for site stickiness as you do for cause awareness and fundraiser websites marketing.

Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, and Google + are all recommended Social Media platforms for your cause to use. Just make sure you don't stretch yourself too much!

Don't Only Use These Ideas...

Be creative, and be aware of what your supporters or target supporters needs are. What services do they need? Maybe a lot of them are parents and so you can offer educational games for their kids.

Or maybe they are all Farmers... what about having a local weather forecast feed on your website.

A forecasting website like will allow you to place one of their forecast feeds on your site. Check out the bottom of their page to see how to do it.

(Just make sure the feed is for your local area and not somewhere else!)

Recommended Resource:

Affiliate Masters Guide (Right Click to Download for FREE) - Excellent FREE eBook on building a successful website and earning funds from it!

Well Done!!!

You are now finished with planning, setting up, and marketing your website... You have opened that door to the amazing online potential of the web!

Now let's go read about the brilliant fundraising ideas you can implement into your organization.

I would recommend that you start with the online fundraising ideas... But it's really up to you.

Remember, be creative and be passionate! You will succeed at your fundraising campaigns!

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