Habitat for Humanity - Dywall Stilt Walk

by Steve

Here is a crazy fundraiser I organized while working for Habitat for Humanity International in the mid 1990's in Hungary.

Our National Director walked about 100 miles - halfway across the country - on drywall stilts to raise awareness for our projects.

We organized meetings with every mayor we could when we passed through their towns.

We'd drive to the place where we stopped the day before and continued the next day.

We raised about $9,000 in one week which was pretty good for Eastern Europe in 1995.

We also used up about 4 boxes of band-aids and consumed several liters of red wine per evening to make the event a success.

Rob's Note:

Fantastic, it must have been quite an adventure. I love the idea too...

It's the type of crazy, ridiculous thing that will catch people's attention and imagination. Perfect for finding Donations!

Well done!

You could look to setup a fundraising page on a crowdfunding website like Go Fund Me.

Either way make sure you read the Online Donations pages to make sure you use this online addition effectively!

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