Hassle Free Fundraiser

by Sherri
(Florida, USA)

The Hassle Free Fundraiser

The Hassle Free Fundraiser

The hassle free fundraiser is the best one I've ever participated in and we raised over $40,000 with it.

Quite simply, after years of selling wrapping paper and candy for my kids in elementary school we were looking for something less time consuming for the busy parent.

Someone had the idea for the hassle free fundraiser.

There is no hassle, no counting inventory, no deliveries or pick-up, no running around like a chicken with your head cut off.

A letter was simply sent home with the students at the Middle School asking them and their parents to help raise money. It was simple and fast.

There was no more buying 20 bars of candy so their children could raise $20 for the school.

All they had to do was write a check for $20 and send it in...

It was a hit with busy, working parents!

Rob's Note:

This is such a great idea and one that you should definitely use every once in a while!

A great way to do it would be online through Go Fund Me. It's a brilliant fundraising platform where you can accept donations and promote your fundraiser easily.

Just make sure you read both pages of the Online Donations Fundraiser to fundraise off this platform effectively!

Especially Page 3 - Promoting Your Fundraiser!!!

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