Monopoly Fundraiser

How's this for a creative fundraising idea?!?

The Monopoly fundraiser is a twist on the much loved board game... "Monopoly"!

You will design and sell customized town-opoly boards of your local City or area.

Funds will be raised through advertising on your monopoly board and through sales of your customized game board!

This fundraiser will also be a great form of long term awareness raising...

Whenever someone, who has bought your monopoly game board, plays it, they will be made aware of your cause again!

The Custom Monopoly Fundraiser. Have fun and raise great funds with this popular board game... (Photo by Dawn Beattie / Flickr)

Let's do it...

The Monopoly Fundraising Board:

Your first step with the monopoly fundraiser will be to design your board.

You will need to find local businesses, hotels or bed and breakfasts to advertise on the boards. These businesses will become the properties on the boards.

So it will be advertising for them and fundraising for you! Businesses see huge value in this as they will get continuous exposure every time the game gets played. So it should be relatively easy to get your board fully sponsored.

Of course this will be your first way of raising funds, but it will generally pay for the cost of making the boards!

Which is good news as you will then make 100% profit on all the monopoly boards that you sell.

Remember to make sure that it's a worthwhile offer for the businesses that sponsor your board and that they can include contact details etc.

Making Monopoly Fundraiser Boards:

You will obviously out source this and there are quite a few different companies that make customizable board games you could use.

The Monopoly Fundraiser. A creative, exciting and profitable fundraising idea... (Photo by Kevin Lam / Flickr)

Make sure that their customizing parameters will meet what you want.

You will also want to check their costs and make sure you will be making good profit margins!

Just don't drop quality for cheap pricing though... After all, you need to sell your boards to raise funds, and if your boards are rubbish, then no one will want to buy them!

Use a Google Search to find a suitable Customizable Monopoly Board producer...

Selling Your "Town"-opoly Games:

This will be the part of your monopoly fundraiser that will make it a profitable or not so profitable fundraiser.

If you sell and advertise this creative fundraising idea well, it will be amazingly profitable.

The first step will be to plan your selling strategy...

You will need a sales team that can take orders and you will need to prepare them properly! Direct face to face sales is the best form of raising funds with this.

Then you will need to advertise it well and make a way for people to order boards online!

You should have a sales pitch guideline for your team and prepare them with all the information they will need to answer questions and inform people on your fundraiser.

The best resource for getting the most out of your sales team is jack Atwell's Fundraising book "Let's Raise Money".

Carefully read his sales sections and use his advice to the tee. His years of experience in the fundraising sales industry is invaluable and well worth learning from!

Custom Monopoly Fundraising. Also known as Town-opoly. Check it out... (Photo by Jono Martin / Flickr)

You should build a page on your fundraising website where people can order your "town"-opoly boards. Make sure you promote that page visibly all around your site as well!

Another great place to sell your boards is through an Online Auction. Definitely worth looking into!

You could also consider eBay. Read more about fundraising with eBay here.

Here are some ways you should use to promote your Monopoly boards...

  • Obviously through your website... but also promote it through you Social Media accounts.
  • Advertise through all your newsletters and correspondences!
  • Get the local businesses that sponsored your board to post about it on their websites, place posters up at their offices, and hand out flyers to their employees and customers!
  • Do the same with other businesses that are happy to help out your cause!
  • Word of mouth Buzz!!!
  • Press Releases, newspaper articles and through local news groups. Preferably for Free!
  • And any other creative idea that you can come up with!

For more ideas on promoting a Monopoly Fundraiser read here.

Ending Off:

This creative fundraising idea is an idea that I really and truly love.

It's got so much to it that it should get you really excited.

It will firstly raise you great funds... But it will also raise continuous awareness for your cause every time it gets played!

I would highly recommend the Monopoly Fundraiser!!!

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