Fundraising Ideas Using EBay

There are a few really rewarding fundraising ideas using eBay that you could definitely think of using for your cause.

This page is going to address those fundraising methods!

So get excited!

There are generally 3 ways of fundraising with eBay

By using their Giving Works program, selling of through eBay (Garage Sales online), and through their affiliate program - which is what we call Affiliate Fundraising.

The most profitable fundraising ideas using eBay. (Photo by Brian Cantoni / Flickr)

Let's start...

Giving Works:

Please Note: Unfortunately the Giving Works program is presently only available to registered United Kingdom and American Nonprofits. If are not a registered UK or American Nonprofit you can still use the direct sales and Affiliate ideas further down the page...

Or you could also consider registering your organization in the UK or US.

This, the first of the fundraising ideas using eBay, actually has three ways of fundraising in itself...

Firstly Through Community Selling:

With this any eBay seller can donate a percentage (10-100%) of their sales to any 'Giving Works' registered charity of their choice!

All you need to do is register your charity with 'Giving Works'.

You do this by verifying your Nonprofit status through MissionFish, eBay's Nonprofit partner. Then encourage anyone and everyone you know who sells on EBay to donate a percentage of their sales to you!

If some successful eBay sellers agree to commission your charity, you could really rake in some great funds!!!

Secondly With Direct Sales:

Obviously using direct sales at eBay is always a fundraising option and I will elaborate on it further down the page... But as a registered Giving Works charity you have a small sales advantage.

All your sales items will be marked with a special charity bow to distinguish that the item is for sale for a Nonprofit cause. It helps single out your products from the millions that are listed on eBay!

And people are often more inclined to buy items from charities.

People also sometimes browse through the giving works section looking for things they can buy, just to support!

And Lastly Through Donations:

People can also give direct donations to your charity on eBay.

Adding another great fundraising idea using eBay and Giving Works!

Become an eBay Affiliate:

This is a simple and great fundraising idea using eBay. It's essentially Affiliate Fundraising.

Like most merchants on the web, eBay offers an affiliate program. To find out how much eBay currently pays check out their affiliate page.

Once you've signed up as an eBay affiliate you can promote it by adding your special affiliate link to your website. And make sure that every link you have to eBay uses your special affiliate link.

Selling On eBay:

The last of these profitable fundraising ideas using eBay.

You will obviously need to register with eBay before you can start selling... Don't worry, it's quick, easy and also free!

WOW! An eBay Logo Ice Sculpture! But more importantly some super fundraising ideas for using off eBay. (Photo by Jenny Cu / Flickr)

I would recommend that you first consider running an entire Online Auction through DoJiggy Fundraising Auctions before you start selling on eBay.

Their auction platform is far more suited for fundraising then eBay is!

Let's have a look at selling off eBay...

Selling New Items:

Ask supporters to donate new tools, appliances and/or toys. Then check around on eBay to see what similar products sell for and then list your items and sell!

If you've never sold on eBay before you'll need to do a bit of studying and learning to get it right... But it is definitely do-able!

I'd recommend you grab a copy of the Free eBay Sellers Guide.

Selling Secondhand Items:

This is definitely harder than selling new items. Obviously because people tend to rather buy something new, than secondhand.

I would not recommend this one to anyone who is inexperienced with selling on eBay, but it can be very rewarding if you know what you are doing.

Many fundraising causes raise great funds through this idea!

Sell Your Calendars or Cookbooks:

This one will work really well if you are registered with Giving Works.

People love to buy charity calendars and cookbooks, and often look for them through the giving works eBay section!

But even if you aren't registered make sure you list your calendar and/or cookbook at eBay!

Selling Gift Cards:

Get gift cards or discount cards donated to you from whatever shops or merchants you can find willing. Most shops will be willing to help out (It will also be a marketing tool for them).

Then sell them on eBay!

I've read advice suggesting that you should start your gift card bidding price very low, like at 99 cents... and you'll find that you end up selling your cards for more than the given value!

I think it's quite a good idea, but play around with it and see what gets you the best results!

Promote & Advertise:

You must advertise your gift cards and other fundraising items outside of eBay to make sure this fundraise succeeds.

Advertise on your website and through your newsletter! Use your Social Media accounts, like Facebook and Twitter, and email your supporter and donor lists.

Also consider placing ads (preferably free) in different newsgroups!

For more info on promoting fundraising ideas using eBay please read here.

Ending Off:

Wow! You now have some great fundraising ideas using eBay.

If you are looking for similar fundraising ideas I'd suggest you look through the Internet Fundraising Ideas and in particular have a look at the Magazine Fundraiser.

Make sure you also read the Online Fundraising Auction article.

All the best of luck with your fundraising ideas using eBay!

Ready to Start An Online Auction?

Then I'd actually recommend you use DoJiggy's Auction platform for your fundraising auction solutions!

It's far more suited for successful Auction Fundraising, then eBay is!

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