Sample Donation Letter

This sample donation letter is short, simple and to the point... It was also used successful by the school that wrote it.

So use it as a guideline when writing your own donation request letters.

But always remember to use your own style and tell your causes story!

I'd also suggest you read through the fundraising letter writing tips for some great advice.

Also watch this video from Tom Ahern on Donor-Centric Communications. It's about how one change increased donations by 1000%!

Let's take a look at this Sample Donation Letter then...

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Sample Donation Fundraising Letter:

Please note that names have been removed from this letter as requested by those involved.


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Dear Sir/ Madam,

(Name of School) is a 50 year old rural government school with a history of producing grounded, well-balanced scholars who are an asset to the high schools they enroll at. We draw scholars from a broad spectrum of the community and although we have always been a small school, in recent years our numbers have increased steadily due to our school's good reputation.  The Junior Primary is currently at maximum capacity.

Our present facilities are in desperate need of expansion and development.  In particular the Junior Primary requires a large art/messy work classroom and we wish to build two tennis courts so that we can offer this popular sport on the premises.  The wooden floor of our lovely old school hall needs to be repaired, sanded and sealed to extend its life.

We have an active fundraising committee and parents are very involved in the maintenance and running of the school, but projects such as these are a huge financial outlay and we simply can't see ourselves obtaining the necessary funds in the near future.  All our current fundraising is used on day-to-day running costs and smaller school enterprises.  On behalf of our school I am appealing for financial assistance to allow us to embark on these worthwhile projects.

We invite your representative to visit us in (Name of location), and look forward to your response.

Yours sincerely



I hope that this simple and effective sample fundraising letter helps you with writing your own donation letters.

Remember that the telling of your cause's story is the best way to connect with your potential donor.

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