Smencils Fundraising

The recycled Smencils fundraiser is a really innovative and unique fundraising idea!

It's a fundraiser that will work well for schools, churches, sports groups and any organization with a youth group.

In fact, any group could adapt this to be a very profitable fundraiser for their cause.

All you have to do is sell the popular and cheap Scented Pencils...

Smens are simply scented pencils that have been recycled from used newspapers. Some of the different scents include... Bubblegum, Tropical Blast, Grape, and Black Cherry!

Smencils are a really cool fundraising item that have proven very successful and profitable. Click the image to find out more and to order your Smencils!

After all, how hard is it to sell a cool scented pencil, that is environment friendly, and that's raising money for a good cause, for only $1?

Who could say "no" to buying that?!?

So let's get it started...

Running the Smencils Fundraiser:

The key to success with a scented pencil fundraiser will be through your sales team.

With the items being so cheap and small, the best form of marketing will be face to face with the smencils in your customer's hands and under their noses... and this will be done by your sales team.

Sales Team...

So decide who your sales team will be... Your PTA members? All your teachers? Your youth leaders? A certain grade or class? Or all your kid's at school?...

Then prep them with a brief sales pitch guideline using the words "help" and "because" in your pitch.

"Please 'help' our school fundraise by buying a really cool scented pencil for only $1. The pencils have been recycled from used newspaper so they are also environment friendly. We're fundraising 'because' we need to build a new sports field, so if you could 'help' out that would be really great. Would you like to test some of the different scents?"

Motivation & Incentives...

Then motivate them and encourage them to sell as many as they can to friends, family and anyone interested!

Consider using a sales incentive for extra motivation. This works really well with kids, and if you have really great prizes, the kids will go nuts to sell as many as they can.

You'll find some great info on fundraising sales through let's Raise Money.

You will then of course need to order your Smens...

Order & Buy your Smens:

Smencils are a really cool fundraising item that have proven very successful and profitable. Click the image to find out more and to order your Smencils!

When ordering your scented pencils you should think carefully about how many you think you are going to sell.

This will obviously depend on how big your supporters group is and how big your community is. Consider giving each of your sales members one bucket to sell (each bucket contains 50 Smencils).

If they sell out quick, you can always order more as the orders come in quick delivery within 2-8 days!

The pencils scent also lasts up to two years, so if you don't sell all you've ordered at once, you'll still have loads of time to sell the rest!

Where to buy from...

For American fundraisers I'd recommend you use GA Fundraising or Easy Fundraising Ideas' Smencils program.

Or you can use a Google Search Below to find a Scented Pencil supplier in your area...

For other fundraising products you should grab this FREE fundraising guide.

Here's another way of boosting your sales...

Stands At Malls & Events:

Setting up stands at local shopping malls, outside popular stores and at events is a great sales boosting strategy!

What you will first need to do is get the right permission to set up your stand. You will also want to make sure your stand is situated in a place where lots of people walk by!

Display your Smens on the stand and allow people to come up and test the scents.

Also have a few big banners with catchy slogans that pre-sell the Smencils before people arrive at the stand. The banners should let everyone know what it is you are selling, and what you are fundraising for.

Also consider having your sales team walking around and selling the Scented Pencils as well.

The combination of a stand and your sales team should make for a profitable Smencils fundraising day!

Ending Off:

This really simple and fun fundraising idea is a fundraiser that could quite easily be incorporated into any other fundraiser as well.

Remember that if you are selling a few different fundraising products, you have more chance of interesting someone into buying one of them.

If they don't want a Cookie Dough pack, they may still be interested in buying a cheap Smencil... Or vica versa!

All in all, this cheap fundraising product should sell quick, and if you have a prepared and motivated sales team, this will be a very successful fundraiser for your cause!

I wish you the best of Luck!

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