Speed Quilting

by Carol

My Patriotic  Speed Quilt

My Patriotic Speed Quilt

Speed Quilting for Charity:

A few years back, I decided to take up quilting. I loved it!

I found hand quilting to be very relaxing and a lot of fun! I made a few quilts,and was "hooked" I couldn't wait to finish one to get started on the next!

My daughter, seeing how much I love to quilt, asked me to make her one for a charity... "Little People of America".

My granddaughter is a "little person", and wanting to help, I agreed to make the quilt.

They were going to sell raffle tickets, and donate the money to the cause.

I purchased material, and was getting ready to start the quilt, when my daughter called to inquire on my progress. Little did I know she needed it finished in two weeks!!

My usual way of making it all by hand went by the way side, and I dusted off the old Singer sewing machine!

After a few (Very) late nights of working on it, it was finished.

They raffled it, and made several hundred dollars.

I actually started making a few with the machine, after I found out how much faster I could produce one!

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