The Fundraising Fiasco

This is the Fundraising fiasco... the place where you can share all your funny fundraising frustrations, irritations, failures and humorous stories!

Do you have frustrations about certain fundraising ideas...

Are there fundraisers that just really didn't work for you...

What fundraiser did you find really boring and that you just couldn't bare to do again?

Or maybe you have the funniest story to tell about a fundraiser that just went completely wrong or backfired...

or maybe it was a success, but just had you in stitches of laughter all the time!

Maybe it was simply a funny fundraising idea that you want share!?

The Fundraising Fiasco is the place to tell all your funny fundraising stories! (Photo by CherieJoyful / Flickr)

Or is there a fundraiser like a Pizza Fundraiser that you are just sick of doing, and what irritates you about it?

If you have a story to tell, then please share it here, or read and comment on other people's contributions.

So What's Your Fundraising Fiasco Story?

Share your story here, or read other stories below and comment on them...

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