Stay-awake fundraiser!

by Tracey
(South Africa)

The stay awake fundraiser is a great idea if you are a kid with oodles of energy, but for us adults... well!!!

We had the idea for our Sunday School kids to raise funds for the end of year camp. They would be sponsored per hour of staying awake at the church all Friday night - how hard is that??!!

Gamely we made pancakes ahead of time, planned games, borrowed movies.

Probably the biggest mistake was in letting the kids bring their own tuck to share - do you have any idea what a bunch of kids high on sugar and colorants can do?

Anyway, at the end of it all, we still had to make breakfast for the happy kids, while we strained to maintain patient smiles after a night of noise (somehow when you have hit your thirties, you can't pull all-nighters anymore).

Not to mention the popcorn and crushed chips that had to be cleaned up and the hall set right, ready for church the next day - all before we could go home and crash!

The kids want to do it again, the adults refuse point blank!!!

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