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T shirt fundraisers are a brilliant way of fundraising while building a brand or creating awareness for your cause or organization!!!

Essentially you get to advertise your cause and raise money at the same time.

And if you're really smart you can include your website address or Facebook page address on the shirt as well.

Creating better exposure!

Fundraisers for Everyone:

These Fundraisers can be used by almost any cause or organization.

Whether it is for a personal fundraiser, school fundraising, or for a Church....

I have friends who used T Shirts to raise money for a couple who lost their son and couldn't continue work because of the grief. The fundraiser was a huge success...

Then I also know of many, many schools that use T Shirt fundraisers and other Apparel Fundraisers successfully every single year.

T Shirt Fundraisers - Learn how to on Rewarding Fundraising Ideas...

So if you're wondering if this fundraiser will work...

I can definitely say that it is a product fundraising idea that I recommend!

Let's take a look...

Online T Shirt Fundraising:

I highly recommend running your T shirt fundraiser online for a few great reasons...

  • Free to setup and has absolutely zero risk.
  • All payments, printing and shipping is taken care of. You don't have to any of that organizing or work.
  • It broadens your fundraising market by enabling you to sell all over the world (or all over your country).
  • And is easy to promote, as everything is done online!

There are also a few ways to do a T Shirt Fundraiser online. Firstly...

1. T Shirt Crowdfunding:

This is essentially the same as a normal Crowdfunding Campaign (online donation fundraiser) but where you will be specifically using your custom T shirts as rewards for supporters' donations (essentially a purchase).

The process is simple...

  • Setup your FREE T Shirt Crowdfunding page (click to setup now).
  • Design your custom T shirts and set a price for them. Each type of shirt has a base fee, which you then add a "donation" amount onto. That donation amount is what you will raise from each shirt sold.
  • Launch your campaign. Then share and promote it everywhere.
  • People can then go to your page, see what your cause is about, and support by buying a shirt... Or they can also simply give a donation (which is a great bonus feature!)
  • All shirts are then printed and shipped by the platform directly to your supporters.
  • You then continue to promote your campaign effectively and make sure that you hit your goal.

Success Stories...

You should definitely check out these success stories to see how this fundraiser has been successfully working for others.

2. Online Apparel Store:

Setting up an Online Apparel Store through SSA provides an incredible on-going fundraising opportunity for your cause or organization.

It's also a great way of running a shirt fundraiser!

Essentially you will be creating a custom Apparel Store that provides a wide range of quality apparel products that you never have to make or ship. Everything is done by SSA.

What I would suggest you do is read the Online Apparel Fundraising page and use all the advice there for when running your T Shirt fundraiser. Obviously with focusing on the T Shirts that are available through this Apparel Fundraising Platform!

T Shirt Fundraising! Learn how...

It's a bonus though, that there are loads of other Apparel options at SSA that people can also buy! A factor which will increase your sales!

A Big Benefit as well is...

If you wish, you can still order shirts off your store yourself and then sell them directly from your physical organization store or in person (See Below).

Or you can use them as samples to help promote your online store.

Offline T Shirt Fundraisers:

There is more hassle involved in doing it this way, but you may feel that you want to be selling the shirts directly to people. It's totally up to you.

I would still suggest that you have an Online Apparel Store with SSA, or a T Shirt Crowdfunding page, though. This will ensure that people who you can't reach personally can still then go online and order your fundraising Shirts there.

When acquiring your shirts you can of course bulk order straight off your Online Apparel Store at a discount (find out more from SSA) and then sell the shirts on.

Or if you are not from the USA you will need to find a local T Shirt printer.

Use a Google search below to find a company that prints T Shirts near you...

Remember to look at a few different local companies, and to evaluate their costs and quality of Shirts before deciding to use one in particular!

Designing Your T Shirts:

The really awesome thing about your Online Apparel Store is that supporters have a wide choice of colours and you can provide them with a wide choice of logos and mottos to choose from as well.

You can of course also provide just one logo if you wish.

But, whether you're using an Online Store through SSA or you're using a local company to print your shirts, you must design the T Shirts appealingly!!!

Team T Shirt Fundraisers... (Photo by John Britton / Flickr)

They must be Shirts that people and supporters will be proud to wear, but that will also be cool to wear. The more appealing and COOL your shirts are, the easier they will be to sell!

Obviously they need to have your causes name or main logo on. Plus you should consider including your Website address or Facebook page in print as well!

So the bottom line is...

Your T Shirts need to be appealing and cool, while at the same time promoting your cause!

Promoting Your T Shirts:

Promoting your T Shirt Fundraisers effectively will be the most important step to making them a success!

Depending on your cause or organization you may be able to put a sales/promotions team together that can go out and speak to people directly...

But regardless of the cause or how you promote, make sure that you have help.

The Online Apparel Fundraising page has some excellent advice on how to promote your Apparel effectively, so make sure you read that page. But here are a few ways of promoting your T Shirt Fundraisers...

  • Speaking to people directly.
  • Promoting and advertising on your website.
  • Promoting off your Facebook page, your Personal Facebook profile, through Tweets on Twitter and any other social media platforms that you or your supporters use. Plus...
  • Getting your supporters to do the same!

  • Emailing your email list with a Fundraising Letter 'request'. And encouraging everyone to forward that email on!
  • And also advertising your T Shirt Fundraisers in all your Newsletters.
  • You could also consider placing up posters and handing out flyers if you're the right type of organization to do this... Like at a Church or School this would work!
  • Lastly getting local businesses involved and asking them to support and spread the word to all their employees and customers.

    You could even consider getting a local company to advertise on your T Shirts as an extra way of fundraising!

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