The Taste Test Fundraiser -
A Tasty Fundraising Event

The taste test fundraiser is a brilliant fundraising event that is a great add-on to a cookbook fundraiser. They go perfectly hand in hand!

Of course it can also be held on its own as well.

But either way, with the right planning, this unique idea can be superbly profitable.

I Do Recommend However...

That if you hold a Cookbook Fundraiser, then you should definitely add a Taste Test Evening to it, to help with promoting your Cookbook.

If you don't plan to have a recipe book fundraiser but still wish to have a food taste evening then I suggest you read this article.

The Taste Test Fundraiser is a brilliant event for any fundraising cause. (Photo by John Tornow / Flickr)

So How Does It Work?

By simply holding a dinner type evening where people will taste the recipes proposed, or being used, in your organization cookbook.

You will then let people rate and review all the different recipes. They can then suggest whether they think the recipes are worthy of having a place in your cookbook!

This will in turn help you decide on what recipes to use, and to also promote your Cookbook.

You will of course look to add a few other fundraising ideas to evening to add to your bottom line.

Let's get started...

Planning The Evening:

There are a few different ways of holding a taste test fundraiser. You can either...

Have a Sit Down Meal...

Each person at a table will receive a different meal from the cookbook. They then individually review that meal.

Obviously if the event has a big crowd some people will receive the same meal. This doesn't matter as the more opinions you get on your recipes the better! Or...

A Variation of The Above...

Instead of serving a whole meal to each individual, you could serve either sharing plates or small portions of all the different recipes.

This will mean that people will be able to taste and review a wider range of food rather than just a single meal. Or lastly...

The Easiest...

You could hold something similar to a Food Taste Fundraiser.

You will have different tables set up, with small tasting portions on all of them.

People can then go around to the different tables tasting the foods and rating them on review sheets (which you leave on the tables).

Have some wine on offer at your Taste Test Fundraiser. (Photo by Visitnola, New Orleans / Flickr)

Initial Fundraising From Each Method Will Be...

With this last method you can raise funds in 2 ways. Either by taking donations at the all the tables - donations that people have to make in order to be able to taste the food.

Or by selling cheap tickets (at the door), that supporters will then hand over at the tables when they want to taste the different foods. (Obviously 1 ticket = 1 portion.)

With the other two ways you will have to charge an upfront fee as your primary fundraising source for the evening.

Raising More Funds:

Here are some other ways of raising funds during a Taste Test Fundraiser...

  • Donations – No matter what way you decide to hold your fundraiser, always provide the option for people to donate to your cause! For tips on using donation boxes read here.
  • Raffle and/or Auction - If you hold a raffle make sure you have some cool prizes... Like what about a free copy of your organization cookbook!
  • Organization Apparel - One of the most effective ongoing fundraising methods. Find out more about using Branded Apparel.
  • Pre-Release Sales of Your Cookbook – If people like the food that they eat during the event, they will most definitely want to buy a copy of your final cookbook. So sell it to them while it's still fresh in their minds.

Even though your cookbook has not yet been completed and published you can still sell copies of it. And what better time to do it then at your taste test event!

Do you have a great pancake or flapjack recipe for your Fundraising Cookbook? Then make sure you test it out at a Taste Test Fundraising Event!  (Photo by Kaitlin / Flickr)

Once it has been published you can then deliver the cookbooks to customers, or have them pick it up from your organization.

Think of it this way... If someone wants to buy your cookbook or you can interest them in it, sell it to them straight away. They might change their minds later if you don't!

Promote Your Taste Test Fundraiser:

It's important to get a full attendance at your Taste Test Event to ensure you get the most benefit out of it (funds raised, etc.).

So promoting it effectively is extremely important.

Promote it through...

  • Announcements.
  • Word of mouth.
  • Your Recipe contributors.
  • Emails and Letters.
  • On your Organization Website.
  • Social Media.
  • Posters and Flyers.
  • Press releases, local media, newsgroups and community boards.

Read here for more fantastic ideas on promoting your Taste Test Fundraiser.

Ending Off:

For more ideas and tips on running profitable food fundraisers please read the 'running food fundraisers page'.

I'd also suggest you read the cookbook fundraiser, as well as the food taste fundraiser. They will both hold valuable advice to help you hold a lucrative Taste Test Fundraiser!

And my leaving tip... Always plan and organise properly! It will make everything go smoother and be more successful!

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