Band Trip Non Candy Bar Fundraiser

by Chaplain Paul Slater
(San Diego, CA)

The Non Candy Bar Fundraiser submitted by Chaplain Paul Slater (Photo by Dave Connor / Flickr)

The Non Candy Bar Fundraiser submitted by Chaplain Paul Slater (Photo by Dave Connor / Flickr)

Non Candy Bar Fundraiser:

School Band trips might make more in donations if they sponsored a Cash donation in lieu of buying a product.

In fact, I will go so far as to say organizations wanting to do a fundraiser might ask parents what it would be worth NOT to have their kids sell candy bars!

Not that I am anti fund raising but, like many with kids in school choir or church youth groups, I ended up buying 3 or 4 boxes of candy bars because my kids made the announcement that "the money is due today!"

So those band trips and class projects would have received far more funding if I had simply paid $25 for the privilege of a non-candy-bar fund raiser.

Funny how we ended up eating all those candy bars instead of having the kids complete the sales campaign after the money was due.

Rob's Note:

This is a really interesting idea and one that I think would definitely work.

More often than not I think people will be happier to give a set donation than be forced to buy something...

Not that I'm saying there's no place for product/food fundraisers, because there definitely is! But rather that there are often times when it's better to just ask for support through a set donation.

You should also have a look at the "Hassle Free Fundraiser" contribution sent in by Sherri which is a very similar concept!

And as Sherri's says it's a great hit with busy, working parents!!!

I'd recommend you consider taking this idea online through an Online Donations Fundraiser, which is also known as Crowdfunding.

You can set it up easily through Go Fund Me.

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