Bracelet Fundraisers -
A Brilliant Initiative

The remarkable thing about bracelet fundraisers is that they are such a simple concept that work so well!

Charity bracelets are a cheap and rewarding fundraising idea that will complement any fundraising event or fundraiser that you hold.

They can also help raise awareness for your cause!

The really great thing about silicone bracelets is that they are so popular, and not only amongst the youth, but also for the older generations!

So selling your custom fundraising bracelets is not a difficult thing to do!

Bracelet Fundraisers are a popular fundraising product that your cause can definitely use. Take a look! (Photo by Preston Kemp / Flickr)

Let us get started...

Custom Silicone Bracelet Fundraisers:

Your first few steps with your bracelet fundraiser will be to decide on a color, slogan, font type, and a supplier.

Finding someone to supply your customized bracelets shouldn't be too hard. Use a Google search below to help with this...

Charity Bracelet Design:

When designing your charity bracelets always try to think of what will be most appealing and popular with your supporters and potential supporters.

What colours do people like? What will stand out? What will people really like to have on their arms!

Consider doing a survey to find out from people what they will like the most.

Also look to make your slogan raise awareness for your group and if you can include your website address on it, even better! Something like, "Support".

Although depending on the situation it will sometimes not be suitable to have a slogan that directly names your organization or cause. If that’s the case then you will want to use as catchy a slogan as you can come up with!

Just remember that the better and more appealing your bracelets are - the more of them you will sell!

Maximizing Fundraiser Bracelet Sales:

There are three methods of maximizing your wristband fundraiser sales...

  1. By timing your bracelet fundraisers with your events and other fundraisers...
  2. By selling at high traffic venues like shopping malls and sports events...
  3. And by unleashing a sales team.

Custom Fundraising Bracelets.

If you are a school or an organization with a youth group you fortunately have the best sales team already... all your kids! If not, you will want to find some volunteers to recruit!

Equip your team with your charity bracelets, and prepare a sales pitch guideline for them to use. Make sure you use the words "help" and "because" in your pitch.

Then motivate them and encourage them to sell as many as they can to friends, family and anyone!

Sales Incentive...

Consider using a sales incentive for extra motivation. This works really well with kids, and if you have really great prizes, the kids will go nuts to sell as many as they can.

I learnt a lot of great tips about fundraising sales from this eBook. Take a look.

Bracelet fundraisers are also a really great add-on to any other fundraising product.

If a potential customer doesn't want to order your cookie dough, for example, they may be happy to buy a charity wristband instead, especially as the bracelets are a really cheap way of supporting your cause!

You can grab a free fundraising product guide here to see what other fundraising products you can use.

You could also use other fundraising apparel.

Bracelet Stands:

You should set up stands at all your fundraising events in a position where most people will walk past, like at the entrance.

Have a few big banners that display what you are selling and what it is for... ex. "Support Our Church - Cheap Quality $2 Charity Bracelets!"

The banners should be clearly visible and should help build interest before people actually arrive at the table.

You should also set up the above stands outside busy shops, shopping malls, and other events like major sports events.

Obviously you will need to acquire prior permission from the right people but these stands are a sure way of selling loads of your charity bracelets!

Also have your sales team...

Then, at both your own events and at the other busy locations, have your sales team going around, selling the bracelets as well.

Using this combination will ensure you maximize your sales to its fullest potential.

Finishing Notes:

To have really profitable bracelet fundraisers you will need to make sure your designs are appealing and popular. Designs that people really want to buy!

Then you will need to prepare your sales team efficiently and set up stands in the right locations at your events and at other high traffic areas!

It will also be rewarding for you to add your wristband fundraisers onto your other fundraising products. Offering two or three products will increase the likelihood of making a sale!

Ready To Get Started?

Then head up to the search block and do a quick search for a Custom Awareness Bracelet supplier near you.

And if you haven't already... Setup your FREE online Donation / Fundraising page here.

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