Charity Bracelets

Since the launch of Livestrong, Charity Bracelets have become a huge trend and a profitable fundraising apparel item!

They are trendy, cool to wear, and broadcast to the world a person's support of a good cause...

All factors that make these fundraising product items sellable and successful!

And not to forget that custom silicone bracelets will not only raise funds, but will also raise awareness for your cause!

Charity: Water is a great example of a Nonprofit that uses Charity Bracelets effectively! (Photo by Silicone Prairie News / Flickr)

So how do you use Charity Bracelets to successfully fundraise?

Let's find out...

Successful Bracelet Fundraising -
It's all About the Sales:

The bottom line is, if you sell loads of rubber bracelets, you'll raise funds!

But how do you make sure you sell loads of bracelets?

Through the following three points...

Let's get into them then...

Sales Strategy:

A solid sales strategy will mean that you will know exactly how you are going to go about selling your fundraising bracelets, from where, to whom, and by whom.

Ask yourself the following questions when preparing your strategy...

1. From where will we sell our Charity Bracelets?

Some suggestions will be at...

  • Your organization HQ.
  • Off your website.
  • Through sales stands at high traffic areas; like events, outside popular retailers/stores, and on walkways of main streets.
  • Through your Sales team and their network of friends, family, etc.

2. Who will our target market be?

For example...

  • The youth?
  • People who have a connection to cancer, either personally or through someone they know?
  • School Parents?
  • Etc.

Have clarity on this as it will help with decisions on what designs and logos to use, and also on where and through whom you will sell.

3. Who will be our sales team?

Think carefully about who you look to recruit as volunteers. Think about the following aspects when you do...

  • Who is their network of friends and how big is it?
  • Is their network of friends a part of your target market?
  • How closely connected are they to your organization and cause... And how motivated are they about helping your cause?

Remember to keep in mind your target market when asking the above questions and recruiting your volunteers.

4. What sales pitch and training will we give our team?

A simple sales pitch that is impactful and has a call to action will increase your awareness bracelet sales big time.

Selling Charity Bracelets is a brilliant fundraising idea! Learn how to make the most out of your bracelet sales! (Photo by Mike Knell / Flickr)

So do some research when creating your sales pitch for your bracelet sales team to use.

Some other things you will need to teach your team is to...

  • Smile
  • Be courteous
  • And look the prospect in the eye.

There are loads of resources that give brilliant advice on fundraising sales and sales pitches that you can do some learning from.

One of those resources is Jack Atwell's eBook, Let's Raise Money. He has some brilliant advice on fundraising sales and on preparing your sales team. Read my review of the book here.

5. On top of the sales team, how will we promote our silicone bracelets?

And that's what the next section is about...

Promoting and Advertising:

The more you spread the word and the more effective your promotions are, the MORE sales you will make!!!

So when creating your sales strategy, brainstorm how and where you are going to promote your bracelets.

Some ideas of where you can promote your charity bracelets from are...

  • Your Website.
  • Your Social Media Accounts.
  • Your newsletters. Online and Offline.
  • Plus Fundraising Letters to your other mail lists.
  • Press Releases to local, national and international media, depending on the size of your organization and fundraiser.
  • Advertising on news groups, information boards, and through classifieds, like Gumtree and
  • Flyers and Posters.
  • And obviously word of mouth through your members, volunteers, sales team, and supporters!

For more great ideas and info on promoting Charity Bracelets read here.

So where do you get your Bracelets made?

Finding a Charity Bracelet manufacturer shouldn't be too hard.

Just do some research into the company and the quality of rubber/silicone they produce, before you use them.

A simple Google Search below for "silicone bracelet manufacturer" should give you some options to choose from...

For some other quality fundraising product options grab this FREE fundraising guide.

Good luck with your Charity Bracelet Fundraising!

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