The Why, Where, & How Of Listing In A Charity Directory

(Plus Other Directories)

Having your website listed in a charity directory (click to see some) as well as other directories is a very important step for your organization.

Even if you aren't a charity, it is still important for you to list your fundraising site in at least a few.

Listing Helps In Two Ways...

Firstly it will provide a method of receiving visitors.


It will more importantly help with the ranking of your site at the Search Engines by providing a quality in-pointing link.

This Is More Important For Two Reasons...

  1. The Search Engines are more important to your marketing than the Directories are. This is because you will always receive many more visitors from a SE then from a directory!

    Just think it through; which do you use more often to find info and websites on the internet, a directory, or a SE like Google? I know which the majority of the world use... The SE's!
  2. So, because of this, it is very important for your website to rank highly at the SE's. And this is where having your site listed in a charity directory is very helpful.

    By listing your site, the directories are effectively giving your site the "big thumbs up", which of course the SE's will see.

This has all got to do with your off-page SE ranking criteria, which is explained on the SEO page.

The why, where and how of submitting your organization and fundraising website into a Charity Directory and other directories. (Photo by Matt Trosle / Flickr)

The Costs Involved:

The cost for listing your site in a directory will vary greatly depending on the directory.

Some directories will be free, some will ask for a recipricol link, some will charge a small amount, and of course some directories will charge a lot!

Your marketing budget will of course dictate what directories you do list your site in...

But always make sure that the directories that you do list in are of decent quality.

BE WARNED! Never ever, ever list your site on a link farm!!! A link farm is a website which just has thousands of links to different websites without any categorization or qualification... Meaning it's just a jumbled mess of links and will only have a negative effect on your SE ranking!

A tip...

Only list your site in directories that have a review system.

Some Pointers When Listing:

  1. Read the submission requirements of each directory to make sure you aren't wasting your time. If you don’t meet the requirements - You won't be listed!
  2. Make sure, from a visitors perspective, that your site seems complete and full, ie. not in the construction stage. Humans decide whether a site is suitable to be accepted into a directory and if your site seems incomplete your request will be rejected.

    A good guideline is to have at least 20 pages up before you apply, but this will obviously vary depending on your website.
  3. And of course make sure you apply in the right category.

Charity Directories To List In:

So, once your fundraising site is up and "FULL", have a look around and find some decent directories to list it in.

These could be the major ones like yahoo!, or they could be more niche specific directories like a charity directory. List in as many of them as you can

And what about local directories? They'll work too! Especially a local charity directory.

You can start by doing a simple Google search to find directories...

Then Look Into These...

I'd Also Suggest...

That you register and list your Charity with the Go Fund Me crowdfunding platform.

Many people use their platform to fundraise for Charities they love and this will potentially provide an additional fundraising method for you. Especially if you encourage supporters to fundraise for you!

Read more about Crowdfunding Campaigns for Charities here.

Finishing Off:

Excellent, you're doing really well!

You now have some brilliant knowledge on how to market your fundraising site, as well as understanding why Search Engines and directories are so important.

It's now time to learn some great ideas on how to keep your visitors coming back to your site again and again.

Let's get warmed up and head off to the visitor retention page!

Recommended Learning Resource:

Affiliate Masters Guide - An excellent FREE eBook on building a successful website through a 10 step process including how to use directories effectively!

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