A Creative Fundraising Idea -
The Magic Plant Fundraiser

The Magic Plant Fundraiser is a really creative fundraising idea that is also an environmentally friendly fundraiser!

Talk about Innovative and Creative... This is one most clever and unique fundraisers I've come across.

Magic plants are a special type of bean that is planted in recycled cans. Once the can is opened and the soil watered, the bean grows up to a height of about 10-20 inches.

Inscribed on the bean that grows out of the can is a special note for the owner, as can be seen in the photo above!

This creative fundraising idea is also environmentally friendly. It will work particularly well for Schools, Churches and other groups with youth.

Like I said above, this fundraising idea is also a green fundraiser (Environmentally friendly). So you have a creative fundraising idea and a green fundraising idea all in one!

But how will this creative fundraiser work for you and your cause...

Profiting With This Creative Fundraising Idea:

Simply put, you will raise funds from selling these magic beans to your supporters!

Obviously the first thing you need to consider is whether your members, supporters and potential customers would be interested in something like this.

It is not a product that people need or use anyway, so they will be buying it purely for its creativeness, and to help support your cause.

But... I really do believe that the magic plants are such a cool and creative product that it would be a natural hit as a fundraiser for almost any organization, no matter who your supporters are!

Any fundraising product idea will work as long as there is a demand for it... And you can certainly create a demand for this one!!!

Selling The Magic Beans:

To maximize your profitability with this creative fundraising idea you will need to sell as many plants as possible...

And the best way to do that is through a properly prepared and motivated sales team!

Get a group of volunteers or school kids together and provide them with a simple sales pitch using the words "help" and "because". Make sure that they smile and make eye contact when speaking to people!

The Magic Bean Fundraiser is a super creative fundraising idea that you can have loads of fun with. Try it out!!!

Marketing points for this creative fundraiser will be that the beans "are a cool gift to buy for someone", "has a surprise message hidden inside for you", "is a cool way to let someone know you care", and "is a green fundraising idea."

A great book to read about preparing your fundraising sales team effectively is "Let's Raise Money" by Jack Atwell. Read my review of this great fundraising book here.

He has some great advice on teaching some simple and effective fundraising sales techniques to your sales team! It's a must read.

Offer An Incentive:

A great technique for boosting funds and sales that I always harp on about is offering a sales incentive to your sales team. It's also something which Jack Atwell talks about in his book.

It works especially well for kids if you can provide them with some cool prizes for selling a certain amount of plants, or if they come in the top 5 sellers.

Be creative with this and you'll see your sales soar!

Promote Your Magic Plant Fundraiser:

This creative fundraising idea is also environmentally friendly. It will work particularly well for Schools, Churches and other groups with youth.

Lastly you should advertise this creative fundraising idea thoroughly.

Make sure that everyone possible knows about the cool fundraiser that you are running.

Use the usual avenues...

  • Advertise on your fundraising website.
  • Advertise through your newsletter, on your Facebook page, your Twitter account, and other social media.
  • Use other newsgroups and advertising websites like Gumtree and Craiglists.com to advertise for free!
  • Flyers and Posters.
  • Word of mouth.
  • And any other creative idea that you can think of!

Go here for more great promoting ideas for this creative fundraising idea.

Magic Plant Suppliers:

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You can also find other fundraising product options by grabbing a free fundraising product guide.

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