Cool School Fundraisers

Looking for some cool school fundraisers to add fun and get your kids passionate about fundraising?!

Well this is the page for just that!!!

The ideas below are super cool fundraisers... or can be adapted into something cool for your students to fundraise with.

Use them creatively and add your own fun and “coolness” to the mix!

Let’s take a look...

Cool School Fundraising Ideas:

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Smencils | Social Media Fundraiser | Bowling / Bowl-a-Thon | Bracelets | Cool School Apparel | Fun Ideas


Smencils are a Cool School Fundraiser that is also an environmentally friendly fundraising idea!

They are scented pencils that are made from recycled newspaper and are a really popular product for kids and at Schools.

And obviously this is what makes them such a brilliant fundraising product.

Smencils are a super cool School Fundraising Ideas. Photo courtesy of GA Fundraising. Click image to find out more and to buy your Scented Pencils.

You will obviously raise funds through the sale of these (cheap) scented pencils. So the better your promoting and your sales team is, the more profitable your fundraiser will be!

Learn more about this innovative and creatively cool fundraiser here!

To start a Smencils Fundraiser NOW, go here.

Social Media Fundraiser:

A Social Media Fundraiser or the Facebook Fundraiser is essentially Crowdfunding or Donations Fundraising. It’s a super hassle free idea that can be unbelievably rewarding!

It’s also fun and cool for the kids, as they are able to promote it through a medium that they are already spending time on.

They also don’t have to sell anything.

You simply setup a donations page on a Crowdfunding website that asks for donations for your cause, need or fundraising campaign.

You then promote that page through Social Media (Facebook etc.) and other promotional mediums!

Make sure you read all three of the Online Donations pages to get the most out of this AWESOME fundraising idea!

Bowling Fundraisers -
Or a Bowl-A-Thon:

Bowling is one of the most popular social sports worldwide, especially with the youth...

And it provides a really Cool School Fundraising opportunity!

You can either run it as an ordinary Bowling event or as a Pledge Bowl-a-thon event. The Pledge event will raise more money but you will need motivated participants to get pledges (donations) from their friends etc.

Whereas with an ordinary Bowling Fundraiser you will just need to find participants!

Read more about the Tenpin Bowling Fundraiser here and go here to setup a Pledge Bowl-a-thon.


Fundraising Bracelets and Bangles are a cool fundraising product that has become really popular.

Simply sell your Charity Bracelets that raise awareness and funds for your School to your pupils, their parents, their friends, and to other supporters.

Charity Bracelets are a really Cool Scool Fundraising Idea! Check them out! (Photo by Mike Knell / Flickr)

Obviously you need to make sure that your bracelets have a cool design and that your kids will actually want to wear them. If they aren’t “cool”, then you just won’t sell any!

Read about Bracelets Fundraisers here, and for some great advice on Charity Bracelet Sales go here.

Cool School Apparel:

Apparel Fundraising is my number one recommended fundraising campaign for all schools as it provides a continuous and sustainable fundraising method!

It can also be used as a Cool School Fundraiser, as the Apparel that you can provide is, well... Cool!

This is definitely an idea that you need to be creative with to make it really cool.

Check out the Apparel Fundraising page and the Online Apparel Fundraising page for ideas on this brilliant School fundraising idea.

To get your Apparel Fundraising started go here to setup your FREE online store, that will also provide your items for offline sales.

Fun Fundraising Ideas:

There are also a couple of really fun ideas that can be used as Cool School Fundraisers as well.

You should definitely check them out.

They include Pie in the face, Dodgeball, Kiss the pig contest, Mud wrestling and a Murder mystery night.

Good luck with your Fundraising!!!

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Other School Fundraising Ideas:

Flocking Flamingos

Golf Day

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