Fundraiser Thermometer

I think that a fundraiser thermometer is such a great tool to keep all your supporters up to date with how well a fundraising campaign is going!

They are also so simple to put up...

A thermometer for fundraising is an image which you place on your website to show how well a fundraiser is going (how much you have raised towards you're goal amount)…

Just like the example image on this webpage.

The first thing to realize about fundraising thermometers is that they will not be used for your general fundraising but for specific fundraising campaigns.

Fundraiser Thermometer Example. Come learn how to use one and where to set it up...

For example...

  • Fundraising for a new school minibus.
  • For new Church seats.
  • OR when holding a fundraising campaign, or fundraising event like a charity fun run!

There are also some online fundraising platforms for Crowdfunding that provide a fundraiser thermometer for you on their fundraising pages.

Setting a Goal:

You will firstly need to set a goal and we all know how important goals are!

By having a goal you have a better sense of direction and you will have something to aim at... Pretty much giving you incentive and encouragement!

Goals will be easier to set when fundraising for physical things like that new School minibus, simply because it will come with a specific price. This means you will know exactly how much you will need to raise.

It will be a bit harder to set when running a fundraising campaign or event that isn't being held for a physical purpose. But it is still just as important.

Try setting a goal that will be reachable but will still be an accomplishment if reached!

Build Your Fundraising Thermometer:

Once you have set your goal you will build your fundraiser thermometer and keep on updating it as your funds roll in.

There are many websites that provide free thermometer graphics and you can use a simple Google Search below to find one...

All you need to do is go onto one of the websites, enter your goal and current amount raised, and then click the submit button.

A code will be generated which you can then place on your website that will show a thermometer just like the one seen here.

Obviously when it comes to updating your thermometer all you will need to do is go back to their site and redo the process with your new numbers.

Once you have the new code, use it to replace the old code on your website.

And that's that! Nice and simple!

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