Magazine Fundraisers

Magazine Fundraisers are definitely one of my most favorite Fundraising ideas!

They can be super rewarding and easy to set up!!!

So how does it Work?

Just like Inkjet Fundraisers, magazine companies and newsstands will pay commissions for subscriptions that you have referred to them...

And some of these commissions can be very lucrative!

Statistics say that the average household subscribes to between 3-5 magazines a year...

Magazine Fundraisers - Learn how to run these successful fundraisers... (Photo by Valerie Everett / Flickr)

So even if you only market this idea to your current supporters it should still be very rewarding and profitable.

An added bonus is that some companies will pay you lifetime commissions on subscriptions you've referred to them. Meaning that you will earn that commission for as long as the person you referred subscribes for.

It just keeps getting better and better, doesn't it!!!

So How Do You Set It Up?

Your best option would be to use an actual Magazine Fundraising program!

Click here to look at GA Fundraising's Online Magazine Fundraisers and to get started for FREE. USA & Canada only.

You'll receive 30-40% profits on all sales.

If you are from another country then I would suggest you use a simple Google search below to find magazines, newsstands or fundraising companies in your country...

(A Tip: Use the following search query including the plus signs: +affiliate +magazines)

Another option would be to look around backend providers like Link Share and Share A Sale to find magazines and newsstands to represent.

You may find some great magazines that fit perfectly with your cause and its supporters!

Once you've set up your unique magazine subscription page or found decent magazine affiliates to represent, all you'll need to do then is market your magazine fundraiser...

And Promoting Your Fundraising Magazines?

Whether you're running this as an online fundraiser or an offline fundraiser, you will find that you will drive loads more sales offline by speaking to people directly.

Here are some ideas to think about and use...

  • Start by setting up a link or webpage on your website directing people to your newsstand or giving information on how people can order.
  • Have a Sales Team - Get a group of members or volunteers who will drive the sales of this fundraiser.
  • Look to recommend specific magazines that you think your supporters will be interested in!

Fundraising With Magazines - Learn how on
  • Email and post out letters to all your members, family, friends and supporters informing them about the Fundraiser. Once again recommend specific magazines of interest!
  • Include info about the magazine fundraiser in your regular newsletters.
  • Send out emails before and during major holidays like Christmas saying what a great gift a magazine subscription can be!!!
  • Look through the ideas on the fundraising website marketing page and the visitor retention page and see if you can use any of those!
  • Also promote through your Social Media accounts/pages at Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Remember, the key is to be creative and proactive... So use these ideas and brainstorm your own!

I'm sure you'll find some excellent ways of making this great Fundraiser really successful and rewarding.

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