Coupon Book Fundraising

The coupon book fundraising idea is a great chance to raise funds for your cause and save money for your supporters at the same time...

They will be easy to sell and will therefore be profitable and rewarding!

So What Are They?

They are booklets that are filled with discount offers usually valid for a year and sometimes longer. They are great value for money for your supporters and this is what makes them so easy to sell!

There are two ways of running your Coupon Book fundraising idea...

Scratch Cards provide a great twist to Coupon Book Fundraising!
  1. Self compiled coupon booklets. Or...
  2. Booklets made by coupon book companies.

You then have another fundraising choice with Coupon Books...

And that's with a Scratchcard Fundraiser where you will give a free Coupon Booklet out to every participant.

The Coupon Books are provided free with the fundraiser.

It's a great type of donations fundraiser and you should definitely check it out.

Maximizing Fundraising Profits:

With both ways you will want to maximize your profits! And you do this by increasing your sales.

To do this you must first make sure that the coupon booklets you sell have products and companies that are of interest to your supporters and customers.

Simply put, they will be more inclined to buy booklets that have discounts to shops that they shop in (or are interested to shop in).

Promoting Your Coupon Books:

You will need to advertise your coupon books properly to create as much interest as possible! Use the following ways to advertise and sell...

  • Advertise your coupon book fundraising campaign on your fundraising website and through your newsletters.

    You could also look to sell them off your website and you'll need an online Payments servicer like PayPal to do this.
  • Use word of mouth, fliers and posters!
  • Consider letter and email campaigns.
  • And have a sales team that will sell the coupon books to friends, family, etc. and at all your events and at other events.

    You could also consider selling them at shopping malls and even door to door. Just make sure you get the right permission to do so.
  • Another great place to sell the cards would be on eBay (Read the eBay page to find out more about Fundraising using eBay).

Company Made Coupon Books:

This is the easier option.

There are many companies that compile coupon books and then distribute them...

Many of them specifically make coupon booklets for charities and other organizations that are trying to fundraise.


Once you've found a company, you should review their coupon booklets and pick the book/s that will be bestsellers with your supporters.

Some companies will actually provide you with a discount card instead of an actual booklet...

So instead of your supporters having to carry a whole booklet around they can just use a small card that fits in their wallet or purse!

The two companies I recommend you look into in the USA are...

Grab this FREE fundraising product guide to see what other options you have available!

For non-USA fundraisers I'd suggest using a Google Search below to find a Coupon Book provider in your country...

Self Compiled Coupon Booklets:

Learn how to fundraise with Coupon Books.

With this idea you can raise more funds as you won't have to share the profits with a Coupon Book Company... but it will be harder to organize!

What you will do is find discount offers from local companies and restaurants and then compile them into a booklet.

Most companies should be willing to join in, as it will help with their own advertising and marketing.

Obviously make sure that you receive the same amount of discounts from all the companies as you'll want to have all your booklets the same!

Next you will have to find a printing company that will print your coupon book with a professional look. Try finding one that will do it at a discount!

Simply use the search box up above to help you with this.

To End Off:

If you want to run a profitable coupon book fundraising idea, you will need to have a booklet with popular discounts in it...

And you will need to promote properly and sell as many as you can.

Coupon book fundraising is an easy to run, easy to sell and therefore profitable and rewarding fundraiser.

So go get your coupon book fundraising campaign up and running!

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