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Golf Day Fundraising Ideas! (Photo by Lucia Sanchez / Flickr)

Here are some high earning golf fundraising ideas for a golf day tournament that will be really profitable and worthwhile.

Whether you're a golf club, charity or any other type of fundraising cause, a golf day is definitely a fundraiser worth looking into!


Running a profitable Golf day will take much effort, organization and planning.

I would definitely not recommend running one if you're planning to do it by yourself...

You must have a team or small group of helpers to plan and execute your fundraiser effectively!

The more help you have, the better!

And also note that...

You will want to make the process of organizing your Golf Tournament as simple as possible!

A great way of doing this is by using a Golf Tournament Website.

This will benefit your Golf Day in quite a few ways, but in particular...

It helps participants:

  • Register for your tournament,
  • Pay their registration fees,
  • Accept donations for the tournament,
  • And find out the details of the day.

It also provides a platform to gain sponsors and give those sponsors further exposure for their generosity.

Golfers then also have the ability to create their own page on your site, to reach out to their friends and gain donations for your cause. Which if used well, this feature can increase your funds raised considerably.

I'd personally recommend you use Golf Registrations to setup your Golf Tournament Website.

Let's look at these Golf Fundraising Ideas first though...

Golf Fundraising Ideas For a Golf day:

Below are a good few golf fundraising ideas for your charity golf day. Remember that you don't have to use all of them and that some might not work for your cause or golf day.

But make sure you use a good few of them...

Entry Fees:

Try to only earn a small amount off each person for their entry fees. Obviously this amount will be added on top of what the golf course charges (A guideline in South Africa is about R50 ($5), but that amount will vary greatly worldwide).

So if the course charges $10 per player, you could look to charge $15 per player.

Also take into consideration the "pull" cards you'll have at the tournament (special guests, celebrities, etc.) and who your target audience (supporters) will be, to help decide on the price of your entry fees!

Remember that if the entry fee is too expensive you won't fill your playing field, which is a "NO GO"... Get people there first and you'll then earn the big cash with all the other fundraisers during the day!

This is the first part of your Golf Day that a Golf Tournament Website will help with! It will make registrations and entry fee submissions really seamless and simple.

Hole Sponsors (Advertisers):

This will be one of your most lucrative Golf Fundraising Ideas.

You will want to get a sponsor/advertiser for each of the 18 holes, as well as the practice green.

Be creative about it and think of other places you can put up for advertising... Like the car park or dining hall!

I would suggest seeking local advice on how much to ask for each sponsorship. The Golf Club who is hosting your golf day would be a good place to start.

This figure will totally depend on where you are from and what type of people/companies will be sponsoring your day.

I'd also highly recommend you watch the Getting Sponsorships DVD from this Event Fundraising Collection done by Shanon Doolittle. It is invaluable!

Program Guide Advertising:

If you have a program booklet for the day, look to get companies to advertise in it.

Also offer this Sponsorship option through your Golf Registration website.

Golf Putting - Golf Fundraising ideas for a Golf Day. (Photo by Fort Meade / Flickr)

A Raffle:

Something which you should have at every Fundraising event.

Make sure your prizes are really good and that the cost/ticket isn't too high. People will spend more if they know that they'll get more tickets for their money!


People are always trying to outdo each other, especially at a Golf day... So there will be a good chance the bids at an auction will go very high, pulling in some great funds!

Or instead of a Live Auction, you could have a Silent Auction that you launch online through your Tournament Website before the actual day. This is another feature that comes with a Golf Tournament Website.


This is one of my best Golf Fundraising Ideas! Players buy stickers (Known as Mulligins), which they use as free shots during their round of golf.

Meaning, that if they play a bad shot, they can call a Mulligin and are allowed to play it again.

Everyone will buy the allowed amount of Mulligins as they won't want their competition having the advantage with an extra free shot. Don't you just love human competitiveness!!!

You should generally offer 2-3 Mulligins per person. I'd suggest you speak to the Golf Club to find out a guideline on how much to charge for each Mulligin.

On-Course Competitions:

You can use your imagination with these Golf Fundraising ideas. From "nearest to the hole" competitions to "longest drive".

You should have a few competitions that come free with the Golf day and then have a couple that people have to pay a small amount to enter in. If the prizes are good, everyone will enter.

On-Course Betting:

This is another one of the great Golf fundraising ideas. You can have a few different types of bets but the one I’d suggest would be "Landing on the green on a par 3". Here's how you do it...

Draw three rings around the hole, growing from small to medium to large (All inside the green though). Then let people bet on which ring they think they'll land their ball in off one shot, obviously with the odds getting larger the smaller the ring.

You'll find that most people get so happy and excited when they do land their ball inside the rings that they just tell you to keep the money anyway!


Obviously always have a donations box(es) during your golf day and definitely at the dinner afterwards (if you have a dinner).

Also inform people how they can donate online on your Golf Tournament Website.

Participant Pledges:

Another feature that your tournament website has, is a Participant Pledge feature.

Participants are able to register on your Golf Day Website and setup their own fundraising page.

They can then get friends, family, and supporters of theirs to donate (pledge) to that page, with all funds raised obviously going to you!

Watering Holes:

Have a couple of holes on the course, say the 5th and 14th, which provide drinks for your players... Offer free shooters (which you get sponsored), and then sell beers and other drinks at a reasonable price.

You will need to speak to the golf club to find out if they will allow you to sell drinks on the course, there's a good chance they will...

If not, just give them the "good cause" speech and that should get them to say yes!

Other Add-On's:

You can add some other fundraisers if you see fit, like selling your Organization/Cause T Shirts.

Or other products like chocolate candy bars or lollipops. Grab the FREE fundraising guide from to review some quality fundraising product programs you could use!

So those are all the different Golf fundraising ideas you can use during a golf day.

And remember, a golf day isn't just about raising funds; it's also about further spreading the word of your cause. So if you make sure people enjoy themselves thoroughly, they will talk about your cause to friends and also be very willing to help out again...

In fact they'll want to know when your next Golf day is!

Golf Advertising - Golf Fundraising ideas. (Photo by Wojciech Kulicki / Flickr)

Running a Golf Day:

If you do want to run an enjoyable and efficient Golf Day, there are few things you are going to need to organize apart from your golf fundraising ideas.

Let's start planning..

Book a Golf Course:

First thing you need to do is book a Golf Course. Do this as soon as you can... Golf courses get booked up really quickly so make sure you don't miss out!

Find out what they will charge per player and what the added cost is for dinner per player.

You will need to get as much information from them about the day, like if they allow people to advertise at Tee boxes, and if they have a sound system in their dinner hall, etc.

Setup Your Tournament Website:

As I mentioned above, a tournament website will help make the organizational process of your Golf Day simpler and more effective.

And if used properly, it will also help you raise more money!!!

The really great thing is you don't need any technical skills to setup your website.

Simply create your site through Golf Registrations and follow their simple process to designing and creating a Golf Tournament Website.

Find Sponsors:

You will then need to find all your hole/tee sponsors, prize sponsors and other sponsors.

Do this before you fill your four balls up, as many of your sponsors will also want to play during the day and you don’t want to turn them away because your field is already fill.

Make sure you get great prizes for the day and for all your competitions. Players will be happier to spend more money if they know there are great prizes to be won!

Guest Speaker & MC:

Organize a guest speaker for your dinner (if you have a dinner afterwards) and a Master of Ceremonies.

It could be a sports celebrity, local celebrity, golfer, or an expert involved in what your cause is about.

Find someone who will draw people to play in your Golf day, and that will make the tournament even more enjoyable!

Fill your Four Balls:

Players play in sets or teams of four on the course and you'll want to fill all the four balls capable of playing during one day.

Advertise it by word of mouth, through the Golf club, on your website and through social sites like Facebook etc.

Once again registrations for your Golf Day will be covered by your Golf Registration Website!

Have everything organized well in advance...

This will make it so much easier come the actual day!

Like for example, have all your signs and banners for your golf day made way in advance!

Wrapping Up:

Remember that there will always be extra little Golf Fundraising ideas to add to the day, like offering a fourth Mulligin at twice the price of the first three.

And that there will also always be extra little things to organize, like maybe accommodation for your guest speaker.

So be creative and be organized...

But most importantly make sure everyone has the most fantastic time at your Golf Day. They will then always be willing to help out with your Golf fundraising ideas again.

Here's a international site that will help you find a Golf course for your Golf day:

Or use a Google Search below to find a course near you...

I hope that these Golf Fundraising Ideas are as profitable for you as they have been for numerous groups and individuals worldwide!

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