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Perfect For Individual Fundraising

So do you want to get paid online to help raise funds for your cause?

"Many people make a living online from doing online surveys for money, reading emails and surfing the net through the help of get paid guides! So why not use those methods to raise money?!?"

Yes, there are many companies online that will pay you to listen to music, pay you to read advertising emails, complete online surveys for money and pay you to surf the net just like you are doing right now!

And why do they pay you?

Well, there are few different reasons, but mainly it's for research and advertising.

Using Get Paid Online Guides provides a really simple individual fundraising method that many people have used! (Photo by Paul Duke /

"Just in the United States, companies spend over 250 billion dollars a year trying to convince consumers to buy their products and services. The majority of that is spent on advertising, but a significant portion is spent on research."

The hardest thing for you though, is finding those different companies to make money online through.

And That’s Where a "Get Paid Online Guide" Comes in...

A Get Paid Online Guide is a website that finds and provides all the websites and companies that will pay you to complete some type of research or advertising action for them.

Like completing a survey online for money - money for you that is!

Making The Most From This Idea:

Obviously this is a fundraising idea that will work really well for individuals! But it can also be rewarding for groups and organizations.

The first way that you can make money through this, is obviously by completing the different actions required by each company for you to make money.

For individuals this first earner is a perfect way to raise funds, but for an organization it might be more rewarding to put your time and effort into other fundraisers!

But there are two more ways...

...of earning money that can make this fundraising idea rewarding for groups...

1. Multi-Level Payments

Many of these individual companies will pay you to refer your friends (or anyone) to them. You will then earn a portion of what they generate as well!

Some of them will also pay you a portion of the earnings made from people referred through the people you have referred - Quite a few levels down.

So if your organization has lots of stay at home moms, or other supporters that want to earn some extra cash - you can refer them to these sites and then earn a portion of what they make, without doing anymore work yourself.

2. Get Paid Guide Referrals:

The Guide Paid Guides usually also have an affiliate program where they will pay you to refer people to them. The earnings can be very profitable.

So just like the first way, if you have supporters who want to make extra money from home, you can refer them to a get paid online guide and earn commissions from those referrals!

Who To Use:

A popular and successful Get Paid Online Guide I'd recommend you look into is Paid Surveys At Home.

Here are the 5 different methods that you can make money through Paid Surveys at Home..

  1. Get Paid To Give Your Opinion - Get paid $5 to $150 by simply completing surveys online. You can also earn from $50-$600 by taking part in a focus group in your local area!
  2. Get Paid To Be Online - Yes that's right, get paid to do the things you are doing right now by visiting certain websites and opening advertiser's emails etc.
  3. Get Paid To Complete Offers - Some companies will pay you for signing up to special offers on the internet... Like free trials, free samples, and free credit reports!
  4. Get Paid To Drive - This is one of the offline methods where companies will pay you to put an advertisement for their company on your car. The bigger the Ads, the more you get paid.
  5. Get Paid To Shop and Eat - The last method can be done both online and off. It's called "mystery shopping". Companies will pay you to spend a couple of hours browsing their stores and then giving feedback on certain things about the store.

    Essentially they need to know if their stores are well designed, if their customer care is good and if they market their products well etc. And the best way to know this is by using actual shoppers' feedback and that is why they will pay you to do this!

For other Get Paid Guides or to find your own online surveys etc., you can use a Google Search below...

Finishing Notes:

To make this fundraising idea really rewarding you mustn't just complete the offers and online surveys for money...

You must also get as many of your members, supporters, friends and family to take part, and earn cash for themselves and for you at the same time.

This is a really simple, yet innovative fundraising idea, and if done properly, can be very profitable!

Ready To Get Started?

Then go to Paid Surveys at Home and sign up. It's as simple as that!

And if you haven't already... Setup your FREE online Donation / Fundraising page here.

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