Free Fundraiser Ideas...
1. Seeking Donations!

Free fundraiser ideas are not easy things to come by, especially when you take into account that time equals money.

But as far as quality free fundraisers go, taking to the streets and seeking donations can be a real winner...

Even if it does feel a bit below you, it's still costless and profitable.

Please note though that this fundraiser is more directed at groups needing smaller funds and individuals wanting to fundraise for a personal cause, then for a charity!

In May 2009 a friend of mine, Bruce Grobler, took to the streets of Pietermaritzburg - 1 Street in fact - dressed in flippers and an Eskimo hat.

Within a few hours of being there and seeking donations, he was able to raise enough awareness and money to fund his student film...

Seeking donations in public places is a great way of raising funds as my friend, Bruce Grobler shows through this photo. Within a few hours of this he was able to raise more money than what he needed to fund his Student Film!

If his venture had only raised money it would still have been worthwhile...

But what made it so great was the amount of awareness that he also raised from it!

This meant that he received a large amount of donations afterwards from people that either had seen him or had heard about what he was doing.

He eventually had to turn people away as he had raised more than enough! How's that for a profitable free fundraiser idea???

A Recommendation:

I would highly recommend that you run this fundraiser in conjunction with an Online Donations Fundraiser through a Crowdfunding website where you can setup your online donation page for FREE.

The online donations fundraiser is another free fundraiser idea and is one of my most recommended fundraisers for individuals.

These two fundraising ideas will complement each other perfectly and will help you achieve your fundraising goals!

Another option...

Is to use a Supporter Wall on your website, blog, or webpage. It's also known as Online Brick Fundraising and is a very effective form of Crowdfunding!

You will need a free PayPal account to use this App, and of course a website, or blog!

So How Do You Do It?


Pick a place that will be busy with loads of people moving through. Like a traffic light intersection, a high street (town centre), or a shopping mall.

If you are going to do it on the street between cars, make sure that it is at traffic lights so that you can walk between the cars safely while the traffic light is red.

And please note that you'll be doing this out of your own choice and at your own risk... So please be careful!

Also you may need permission to ask for donations on the street or in a mall depending on the place and what country you're from. So check that info first and get the right permission!

Make it Fun...

When doing it I would suggest that you dress up differently or strangely. Grab people's attention.

If you can, try and dress up in something that will be relative to what you're fundraising for... But don't worry too much... Just be different!

I would also suggest you carry a sign or poster that display's what you're fundraising for! If someone knows that you're fundraising and not begging, before you've actually spoken to them, they'll be more encouraged to help you out.

This Is Important!!!

Walk with a bounce in your step and a smile on your face...

Be jovial, friendly and happy. Quite simply, no one wants to donate to a downcast person!

You should also create and practice a very short pitch to use when asking for donations.

Your pitch should use the words help and because... Research shows that these two words can help increase positive answers (yes, I will donate) by more than 90%. Don't leave them out!

An example would be: "Please can you help me out by donating to my cause. I am fundraising because I need to pay for my student film."

Free Fundraiser Ideas: Get the local media involved when seeking donations for your individual fundraiser!

Here Are Two More Things You Could Do...

1. You should definitely try and get the local media involved! Contact your local newspapers and radio stations informing them about where and when you will be seeking donations.

Ask them if they would be able to do a short story about you and what you're doing (with a photo maybe) and contact details for anyone wishing to donate to you!

2. The last thing might actually cost you a bit and will stop this fundraiser from being one of the free fundraiser ideas... But it'll probably be very worthwhile... And you might be able to get it done for free!

Print out a whole lot of small flyers or business cards with info about your fundraising cause and your contact details, which you can then hand out to people while seeking donations.

A lot of people may not donate to you right there and then, but if you give them a card they may later change their minds or hand that card on to someone else who will donate to you. So keep your options open!

Also if you have a website, Facebook page or Online Donations page, like I recommended further above, where people can donate to you online you should also include that on your flyer.

This is where using an online donations fundraiser in conjunction with this fundraiser works so well together!

You should try find a printer that you could use for free as well. Maybe ask a local business if they can help you.

And that's that...

This free fundraiser idea is something with which you can be so creative with and also have so much fun...

But most importantly it is a free fundraiser idea that can be so rewarding and profitable...

So go get 'em!

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Please Note:

This page is dedicated to my Friend, Bruce Grobler, who unfortunately passed away in January 2010 in a tragic car accident outside Bloemfontein. Bruce's passing was a huge loss to his family, friends and the whole community.

Much of the inspiration I've had to write this website came from Bruce's totally giving, caring and philanthropic heart.

Most people only talk and come up with ideas about how much they would like to help others in need... Bruce never spoke much about it... He just used to go and do it!

He was an inspiration to us all!

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