The Inkjet Cartridge Fundraiser

Rewarding - simple enough to do - and profitable!

An Inkjet Cartridge Fundraiser is all that! And much more.

And guess what?

There are two great ways of Fundraising with Inkjet's and Laser cartridges...

  1. By Recycling! And...
  2. By Referral Sales!
The Inkjet Cartridge Fundraiser - This brilliant fundraiser actually provides two profitable fundraising methods and is a fundraising idea that I highly recommend. (Photo by Kenny Louie / Flickr)

Who would have ever thought you could help the environment by recycling, and Fundraise at the same time!

Well with an Inkjet Fundraiser you can do just that!!!

It will also be quite easy to find a market for both ideas.

Just think... every organisation and business will use Inkjet Cartridges as they all have printers, and faxes etc.

So there is definitely a demand for cartridges, as well as a need to get rid of them!

The Recycling Fundraiser:

This Inkjet Cartridge Fundraiser probably won't have as big a profit margin as the next idea, but it is still highly worthwhile and rewarding!

There are many fundraising causes and groups who have raised really big funds through this method

How it Works is Pretty Simple...

Recycling Inkjet Cartridges is a successfully proven fundraising idea that is pretty simple to do.

There are companies that will pay you cash to collect empty inkjet and laser cartridges and send them in to be recycled.

So what you do is get businesses (some whom may be buying cartridges through you - with the idea below) to return their empty cartridges back to you for recycling.

Some recycling companies, like the Funding Factory, will even allow you to get your supporting businesses to send their cartridges directly to them, saving you some leg work!

Funding Factory also has a value list of what each different type of Cartridge will earn you.

Another company to look at would be the Inkbank Program.

A few of these companies, like, will also pay cash for second hand mobile phones and other appliances... So don't limit yourself to just Inkjets.

I am pretty sure that this Inkjet Cartridge Fundraiser will fit in perfectly with your Fundraising cause. So get proactive, help the environment and start raising those funds!

Increasing Success...

You should use a big group of volunteers to collect cartridges and recruit businesses for your fundraiser.

The more people and businesses on board, the more funds you will raise!!!

Affiliate Referral Fundraising:

Many Inkjet companies on the net will pay excellent commission for customers that you refer to them.

Most of these are recycling companies and will pay up to 55% commission on sales. Definitely a worthwhile venture!!!

An added bonus is that these online companies will be a lot cheaper than buying from a local store...

Why is it a bonus?

Because people will be much more willing to help out if they know they can get something for cheaper, and also help out a great cause at the same time!

Companies to Promote...

You can find these Cartridge Companies through affiliate backend providers like LinkShare or ShareASale.

Using one of these providers will also cut out any commission payment issues as they will deal with all the payments etc., and will pay you one monthly lump sum for all your commissions!

Please Note! If you are not experienced with affiliate marketing be careful to represent a company directly. By using a backend provider you are guaranteed to receive your commissions.

What Then?

Once you've found a company to recommend, you'll want to add their special referral link to your website.

But be creative about how you promote your fundraiser and the company you're representing...

Announce that people can help raise funds for your cause while saving money themselves. Maybe even compare prices of other Inkjet Cartridges!

The Inkjet Cartridge Fundraiser - This brilliant fundraiser actually provides two profitable fundraising methods and is a fundraiser that I highly recommend. (Photo by Justin Baeder / Flickr)

You should also email and post out a page to all your supporters and local companies (or every company you can find), comparing prices of Inkjets.

Explain how much people will save by buying through you and that they will be fundraising for your cause at the same time!

(Be sure not to put the name of the Inkjet Company on the letters. This will ensure that people will go through the link on your website and not buy directly from them!)

Make sure you promote your Inkjet Cartridge Fundraiser effectively by using some of these ideas.

One last tip...

Would be to first buy and test the products yourself to make sure they are of decent quality. You never ever want to recommend poor quality products!

Ready To Get Started?

Then head over to the funding factory or use a Google search below to find a Recycling company or inkjet company to use...

And if you haven't already... Setup your FREE online Donation / Fundraising page here.

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