Krispy Kreme Fundraiser -
Fundraising With Doughnuts

The Krispy Kreme fundraiser has quite a few ways of fundraising to offer!

Krispy Kreme is a popular Doughnut and Gourmet Coffee store in the USA that has set up an excellent program for nonprofits to raise funds with!

There are four different fundraising options you can use when fundraising through them...

  1. Selling their doughnuts. To your supporters, at events, at work, or from stands at shopping malls etc.

    Krispy Kreme provides their doughnuts to nonprofits at below retail price so that they can fundraise with them!
  2. By selling certificates which people can use to redeem a dozen doughnuts from any participating store.
  3. With Partnership cards! These cards will allow people to get an extra free dozen doughnuts every time they buy a dozen. The cards can be used for 10 dozen in total and 3 dozen at a time!
  4. With their Coffee fundraiser. Only in certain markets.

Krispy Kreme Fundraiser - Four great ways of #fundraising! (Photo by Mike Barry / Flickr)

If there is a Krispy Kreme store near you and you have supporters that love Doughnuts, then this is definitely a fundraiser worth doing!

If you are a group not from the USA then please use the Google search below to find a suitable Doughnut supplier to help you with this fundraiser...

Let's do it...

Krispy Kreme Fundraising -
With Doughnuts:

Although this is not the healthiest fundraiser on earth it is a product that people are buying anyway... And therefore it will make a great fundraising product.

Krispy Kreme provides their doughnuts at a wholesale price for nonprofits to fundraise with. Groups can pick up freshly made doughnuts and then sell them on at their events or even at their organizations for a profit.

Selling Doughnuts At Events:

At events you should set up a stand with the doughnuts presented attractively.

Have a poster/banner up displaying what doughnuts are available, what the prices are, and in bold... what it is fundraising for!

I would also suggest you have a few "mobile sales members" going around and selling to people directly or sending them over to the Krispy Kreme fundraiser stand!

Fundraising Stands At Shopping Malls Or High Traffic Areas:

Saturdays would be the best days to do this as it will be the highest peak traffic day...

And by peak traffic I don't mean vehicles and cars, I mean people walking past.

Krispy Kreme Fundraising - Four great ways of #fundraising! (Photo by Manda Wong / Flickr)

So use a stand just like you would at an event, making sure that you clearly display the cause for which the doughnuts fundraiser is being held.

Also make sure that you get the required permission to set your fundraising stand up!

I'd suggest you read Jack Atwell's fundraising ebook for some great advice on getting the most from your fundraising sales!

At Work Or In Your Organization:

How's this for a great idea. Take a box of Doughnuts to work every morning and leave them on the coffee table with an honesty box next to it.

If someone wants a doughnut they have to pay the required amount (ex. $1) into the honesty box.

As long as you can trust your peers, this fundraising method will work really well. You'll find that within a couple of days you will need to be bringing four dozen doughnuts or more to sell!

If you work at the organization you support this will also work really well, especially if it is a school staffroom!

You could also look to encourage some of your supporters to do the same thing at their work...

Think about how much you could raise if you have a whole lot of people taking four dozen doughnuts to their different work places and selling them each day!!!

You'll have an extremely profitable and rewarding food fundraiser on your hands then!

Krispy Kreme Fundraiser Certificates:

This is another Krispy Kreme fundraiser option to selling the real doughnuts that will work well... and that might save you some hassle.

What you will do is sell certificates to supporters that can be redeemed for a dozen of the original glazed doughnuts from any participating Krispy Kreme store.

Obviously you will need to find out if your local store participates in this.

Make sure you promote this fundraiser properly through your website, your newsletters, Facebook page, twitter, with posters and with flyers...

And of course through word of mouth and by making sure you prepare your sales team properly! Jack Atwell's book above will help you with this.

For some great ideas on promoting a fundraiser read here.

Selling Doughnut Partnership Cards:

These partnership cards will allow supporters to redeem a dozen original glazed doughnuts every time they buy a dozen doughnuts of their choice.

Krispy Kreme Fundraiser - Four great ways of fundraising! (Photo by Jim / Flickr)

Each card allows up to 10 dozen sets of doughnuts (3 at a time) to be redeemed!

This is another alternative that might save you some hassle but again will only work if your supporters buy from Krispy Kreme regulary!

You will need to speak to Krispy Kreme to find out how much you should sell each card for...

And obviously make sure that it will be worthwhile for your supporters before you use this idea.

Krispy Kreme Coffee Sales:

The last Krispy Kreme fundraiser is with selling their coffee.

Once again coffee is a product that people are buying anyway and it shouldn't be too much to ask for them to buy it from you instead!

Final Notes On This Food Fundraiser:

To find out more about using Krispy Kreme for fundraising I would recommend that you contact your local Krispy Kreme store...

...Or have a look at the Krispy Kreme fundraiser online here at their website.

The Krispy Kreme fundraiser can be very profitable even though it might be quite unhealthy.

It is a fundraising idea that I would recommend!

For other fundraising product options I'd recommend you grab this free fundraising product guide (USA & Canada) or look through the fundraising products section.

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