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Back in April 2008, Chris Davenport started the Nonprofit Movie Mondays series, and it's been an absolute hit ever since!

It's a FREE subscription that I highly recommend you sign up to.

So What is it?

  • It's FREE online fundraising training videos.
  • Released every Monday.
  • Featuring top professional fundraisers, nonprofit directors, board members, and some of the top rated Fundraising Experts.
  • Essentially... It's fantastic fundraising information and training.

Want FREE Nonprofit & Fundraising training videos every week? Then you need to subscribe to the Nonprofit Movie Mondays!

So who is Chris Davenport?

Chris is a professional documentary filmmaker who first dipped his toe into Nonprofit and fundraising storytelling back in 2001, when he was asked to do his first fundraising video for a local hospital foundation.

He realized then how powerful Nonprofit impact stories can be, as the foundation raised twice the amount of their goal.

He then continued to focus his filmaking skills on telling stories through video for Nonprofits. As part of his marketing he then produced a series of videos of fundraising professionals sharing their successes.

It was HIT.

He began receiving many emails begging him for more.

And so the Nonprofit Movie Mondays series was born, and there's been an episode every Monday, ever since April 2008.

And So It Grew:

Chris then began receiving emails asking for all videos from specific fundraising subjects. For example all videos on Training Board Members, or all videos on Event Fundraising...

So Chris started putting DVDs together, and full training courses, on different fundraising methods and aspects. Like the 100 Donors in 90 Days system (read my review).

And The Nonprofit Best Practices Shop Was Born!

Want the best #fundraising and nonprofit training videos and DVDs? Then #Nonprofit Best Practices and the Nonprofit Movie Monday FREE videos is just for you.

Nonprofit Best Practices has some absolutely incredible training courses and DVDs that I recommend to many organizations.

Some of the most popular products are...

But let's get back to the Movie Monday series...

Brilliant Movie Monday Episodes:

Most of the Nonprofit Movie Monday videos - if not all of them - are incredibly valuable and always offer really important and relevant takeaways.

But there are a few that I thoroughly enjoyed and highly recommend you watch.

Check them out...

Subscribe to Nonprofit Movie Mondays:

Subscribing to these awesome and FREE weekly fundraising videos is really simple...

  • Just head over to the signup page,
  • Full in your details,
  • Confirm your email and subscription...
  • And enjoy a brilliant fundraising and nonprofit training video every week!

Enjoy and Have Fun!

Other Fundraising Training Resources:

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