Discount Fundraiser Cards - Win/Win/Win

Discount Fundraiser Cards provide a superb fundraiser that has benefits all the way around.

In fact, these fundraising cards are known as the Win-Win-Win fundraiser...

1. You win because it is one of the best fundraising products around and will raise you great funds.

2. Your supporters win because they get to support your excellent cause and also get to receive discounts and save money on their monthly shopping!

3. And lastly the businesses and shops win because they receive more (loyal) customers!

How brilliant is that!!!

You will find that this fundraiser has excellent profit margins of between 50% and 90%.

You will also find that if done effectively you should raise between $1,000 and $10,000 (and possibly more), depending on the size of your organization.

Discount fundraiser cards are pretty much what they say they are. Cards that have discounts for businesses/restaurants etc. that you sell to people to raise funds! Simply enough hey.

And because you will be saving money for your supporters, thanks to the discounts, the cards will be simple to sell, and will therefore be profitable and rewarding!

Discount Fundraiser Cards. The Win-Win-Win Fundraiser!

Another fundraising card option is the Scratchcards Fundraiser, which gives out free Coupon Books to participants. It's a highly recommended Donation style fundraiser!

Let's do it...

Discount Fundraiser Cards -
Getting Started:

First of all you will need to decide if Discount Cards are the right fundraising idea for you and your cause.

Ask yourself whether your supporters would enjoy discounts and would support you by buying these discount cards? Will they be worthwhile?

Yes? Then your next step will be to acquire your discount fundraiser cards.

After that you will need to get organized, prepare, and plan to maximize your sales and profits...

Maximizing Sales and Profits:

Your aim should always be to get the most benefit out of your fundraiser...

And your first step in doing this effectively will be to use discount fundraiser cards that have excellent and popular discounts (shops) on them!

If you have cards for shops and restaurants that people are interested in (and want to buy from), then you will sell those cards quickly and easily! And obviously the more you sell, the more funds you will raise!

The next step will be to promote, advertise and sell the discount cards efficiently.

A properly prepared and trained sales team (volunteers / school kids etc.) will get you the best results with this. Jack Atwell teaches you how to do this effectively through his eBook "Let's Raise Money".

Discount Fundraising Cards. The Win-Win-Win Fundraiser!

On top of the selling and word of mouth promoting that your sales team will do you should use some of the following methods to promote...

  • Advertise the cards on your fundraising website, your Facebook page, Twitter, other Social Media that you use, and through your newsletters.Encourage everyone to spread and share the word further.
  • Use word of mouth, fliers and posters!
  • Make announcements at meetings and gatherings.
  • Fundraising letters and emails to members, supporters, and past donors.

For more great ideas on promoting fundraisers read here.

Acquiring Your Discount Cards:

There are loads of discount fundraiser card suppliers to choose from and you should have little trouble finding one to use.

For American and Canadian fundraisers I'd personally recommend you use GA Fundraising's Discount Fundraising Card program or Easy Fundraising Ideas' program.

Or you could use a simple Google search below to find a suitable company in your area...

(A Tip: Type the name of your local area or country with a plus sign before it, and then add your search query with a plus sign before it as well. Ex. +London +discount cards)

I'd also recommend you grab a FREE Fundraising Guide to see what other quality fundraising programs you can use!

Ending Off:

Discount Fundraiser Cards are simple fundraising products to sell because they provide such a great benefit for your customers (supporters).

I can't recommend this fundraising idea enough...

For the right groups you should nail your fundraising goals with it!

But remember to have a successful fundraiser, you will need to choose the most popular discount, and then promote and sell those cards effectively!

Good Luck! And come back to tell your success story when you're done.

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