Cancer Donations

Looking for some methods of receiving Cancer Donations for research, treatment or awareness?

Then here are some brilliant donation fundraising methods that will work great no matter what your Cancer cause is!

Whether you're fundraising for breast cancer research, the American Cancer Society, or Cancer Treatment, you’ll find the perfect donation ideas to help you succeed!

Which method/s you use though will depend on what your cause or need is.

Cancer Donations. The how, where and with what! (Photo by Yukiko Matsuoka / Flickr)

For example how a Cancer Charity raises funds with donors, will differ from how an individual does.

Then you need to remember that the most important part of your cancer donations success, will be how well you TELL your Cancer or cause STORY, and how effectively you promote it!

Let's get going...

For some Cancer Charities to fundraise for, or donate to, head down here.

Online Cancer Donations:

There are many ways of taking donations online and the best option will vary depending on if you're a charity or an individual...

For Charities:

I would suggest you setup an online donation method where donors can donate directly on your website. They should have the option to donate once off, but also to setup monthly donations through direct debits.

DoJiggy's Donation and Donor management software is the perfect option for this and can be easily integrated into your website or used as its own standalone site.

They also have phenomenal Pledge Fundraising Software where participants of a Pledge style fundraiser like a Walk-a-thon or Bowl-a-thon, can setup a donation page and personal acquire donations for your charity!

Pledge Events are a great way of acquiring Cancer Donations!

Another option...

...Is to get individuals to fundraise for your Cancer charity through Crowdfunding websites.

For example, with this fundraising website/platform, you can register your charity and then encourage supporters to setup a fundraising page there with your charity as the beneficiary.

Acquiring Cancer Donations through sponsored challenges liked cycles work really well! (Photo by Commodore Gandalf Cunningham / Flickr)

Like maybe "Frank" wants to do a sponsored cycle to raise funds for you.

He can then setup a page on Crwodfunding Platform to take donations that will go directly to your organization!

For individuals:

Obviously the recommendation would be exactly what we've discussed above.

Go here, setup your fundraiser and choose your Cancer Charity of choice as the beneficiary.

If your chosen charity is not registered you can then accept the donations yourself and transfer them across to the Charity's bank account when you're campaign is over.

To fundraise successfully with this method please read all three online donation fundraiser pages!

A Supporter Wall:

Another great Cancer Donations option is to use a supporter wall or Cancer wall on your website.

People can then buy blocks on the wall (through donations) in memory of someone, or to broadcast their support, or to advertise their business. Each block provides an image and a link for the donor.

Offline Donations:

There are multiple ways of taking Cancer Donations offline...

  • Donation Boxes - Are very effective if you place them in the right "High Traffic" areas and they catch people's attention.
  • Donation Sheets - By yourself or through a network of volunteers/fundraisers, getting pledges and donations through donation sheets can be very effective!
  • Taking to the Streets - This will be for individuals or volunteers to do. Check it out as it can be very effective!

Cancer Charities:

Here are some Cancer Charities you can donate to and fundraise for.

To fundraise for any of these Charities then go here, find the Charity you want to fundraise for and setup your fundraising page.

Comment at the bottom of the page to let us know which is your favorite Cancer Nonprofit...

Ready to Get Started?

Then setup your free online donation page here.

Or choose a Cancer Charity to fundraise for, over here.

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