Candle Fundraising Ideas

Here are some quality Candle Fundraising Ideas to help make your candle sales easier, more successful, and more profitable.

But don't just use these ideas "as is"... Customize them to your cause, and its supporters.

For example, if you are a Church, make sure that your Quote Candles are Church related (IE. Quotes from the bible will work really well)!

You will also need to train up your sales team, and have a strong sales strategy to make the ideas below profitable.

Read the Candle Fundraisers page for help with this!

Let's get into these candle fundraising ideas then...

Candle Fundraising Ideas to increase your fundraising profits! Read more... (Photo by Matt & Kim Rudge / Flickr)

Candle Fundraising Ideas:

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Organizing your candle fundraising around seasons is a great idea for increasing your sales.

During certain seasons (or specific annual events/holidays) people are more inclined to buy and burn candles.

Candle Fundraising Ideas, like Christmas Themed Candles, to increase your fundraising profits! Read more... (Photo by Jukka Zitting / Flickr)

So plan your fundraiser to coincide with these annual events, like Christmas, Easter, Valentines, Mothers/Fathers day, etc...

And then build your candle theme around that season.

Quote Candles:

Candles with quotes on them are sure way of increasing sales, especially if those quotes are relevant to your cause or fundraiser.

If we use the same example as up above, if your organization is a Church, then quotes out of the bible or by religious icons is what you should be using!

Think carefully about who your target market is and what quotes they will enjoy...

And also link it to your season's theme above! For example, if your season theme is Valentines, then "Love Quotes" are the way to go.

To start a quality Quote Candle Fundraising program go here.

For fundraising and charity quotes to use, read here.

Scented Candles:

Many Candle Fundraising Programs will use fragrant candles.

These scented candles put a positive marketing angle to your sales and will definitely sell better than non-fragrance candles.

Once again think carefully about what scents you will sell, in regards to your supporters and the season theme you may be targeting.

Soy Candles:

Fundraising Candles made of soy will sell far better, simply because they are more earth friendly.

Soy Candles have many benefits including giving off very little soot, they are less likely to cause allergies, and are bio-degradable.

Soy Candles are a great Candle Fundraising Idea as they are environementally friendly and have many other benefits! (Photo by Leland Francisco / Flickr)

With the world "Going Green", having an earth friendly fundraising product is definitely going to help with your sales!

Shaped Candles:

Now why on earth would you want to sell shaped candles?

Simply... to expand on your theme.

For example, if you're selling candles around Christmas, then candles shaped like Christmas trees or decorations will be a great option to use.

So think through your theme carefully and see if you can use shaped candles to achieve better sales with it!

Ordering/Making your Candles:

There are thousands and thousands of candle companies that can supply for your candle fundraising ideas!

Choosing the right one is quite important though and will affect your profit margins and the quality of product that you sell. So think through carefully when deciding on whom to use.

A product supplier in the USA that I highly recommend for their candle programs is EFI. Check them out!

They have Candle Fundraising catalogs/brochures that make your upfront fundraising costs cheaper as well.

Do a Search...

A simple Google Search for "Candle Fundraising Companies" should provide you with some great local options...

Another great option is the Yankee Candle Fundraising program.

Making the Candles Yourself?

If you decide to make them yourself I'd recommend this eBook to help you with it...

I hope you've enjoyed these Candle Fundraising Ideas and that they will help inspire you to have a more profitable fundraising campaign!

All the best of luck!

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