Soy Candle Fundraising -
Environmentally Friendly

Soy Candle Fundraising is fast becoming a popular fundraiser across the USA and the world!

Obviously the first reason is because they are a profitable fundraising product - But it is also because they are environmentally and earth friendly.

This, with the world going so green conscious, plays a huge role in making it very appealing to supporters!

Because they get to "stay Green" when they support you, they are all the more encouraged to dip into their pockets and help you out!

A Soy Candle Fundraiser has quite a few positive factors to it. (Photo by Peter Grima / Flickr)

An Amazing Stat...

The fact that candles are burnt in 80% of houses across the world is a huge factor that makes this fundraising idea so successful, but please remember...

Soy candle fundraising will be a fundraiser that is better held during certain times of the year; obviously when candles are going to be burnt more often.

Like during the festive season.

By choosing the right times of the year to run your candle fundraiser you will maximize your profit potential by a large amount!

So Why Are Soy Specific Candles So Great & Popular:

First of all traditional candles are made from petroleum-based paraffin wax, which is said to give off many toxins similar to diesel and petrol.

These candles produce soot and carcinogens when burnt and many of those toxins are carried in the soot.

On the other hand Soy Candles...

  • Give off very little Soot when burnt and are non-toxic.
  • They are less likely to cause allergies.
  • They are made from soybeans, making them bio-degradable.
  • They burn at a lower temperature and slower, which helps with evenly distributing their added fragrances.
  • And this also helps them burn up to 60% longer than traditional candles, making them better value for your customers (Supporters).

Profitable Fundraising:

The Earth Friendly Soy Candle Fundraiser. (Photo by Kristina / Flickr)

There are a few steps you need to take to make any fundraising idea profitable...

The first and most important is being organized! If you are not prepared and organized your fundraiser is very unlikely to be successful.

Ask yourself how much you need to raise and then how many candles you would need to sell to raise that amount and so, set yourself a goal!

Then read through the Candle Fundraisers page to find out how to run a candle fundraiser successfully by...

  • Advertising and promoting the fundraiser properly.
  • Using a properly prepared sales team.
  • Providing an incentive program to encourage and excite your sales team.
  • Having samples for your supporters to touch and smell.
  • Offering alternative fundraising products like fundraising bracelets etc.
  • And lastly by selling through your events!

I'd highly recommend that you read this fundraising eBook to learn how to get the most out of your fundraising sales and sales team. The author, Jack Atwell, also provides great advice for promoting your fundraisers.

Ready To Get Started?


Well you will need to source your candles from somewhere. Make sure that they are good quality and that their price is decent so that you can still sell them easily and make a profit.

If they are poor quality your supporters won't buy them and if they do, they'll be so disappointed with the product they won't ever support you again.

I know that Easy Fundraising Ideas provides a few top quality soy candle fundraising programs that I would recommend you look into.

You can also do a Google search below to find a quality soy candle fundraising supplier...

You should also look into this FREE fundraising product info guide to see what fundraisers are currently popular and profitable.

And if you haven't already... Setup your FREE online Donation / Fundraising page here.

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