Car Magnets Fundraiser

The car magnets fundraiser is a fantastic fundraising idea for any cause...

It is one of the few great fundraisers that will actually raise funds and awareness!

Here's how it works...

You will design car magnets that are branded with your cause and logo, etc.

Then you will sell those Magnets/Stickers to your members, supporters, and the public! (The fundraising part.)

Your supporters will then place the car magnets on their cars and suddenly you have your logo and cause being advertised wherever they drive to. (The awareness part.)

Carolina Railhawks Car Magnet. A great Car Magnets Fundraiser example! (Photo by Jarrett Campbell / Flickr)

Pretty simple hey...

But of course, for your car magnets fundraiser to be rewarding and profitable, there is a bit of a process to follow.

For those of you who don't know exactly what a car magnet is...

It's a magnet that looks like a sticker or label that is stuck (magnetized) onto a vehicle door, bonnet or any metallic part of the car. You would have seen many cars advertising stuff on the sides of their doors etc... Those are car magnets.

Sometimes though people use Stickers instead and this is another option for you to use with this fundraising idea!

Let's take a look...

Find a Supplier:

Firstly you will need to find a company that will print and supply your branded car magnets.

A quality company you could possibly use to start your Car Magnets Fundraiser is Signazon. They also do customizable car stickers and event banners.

Obviously I would suggest that you shop around a bit to find the best deal. The better the deal you can get the more profit you will make!!!

Use a simple Google search below to find more Car Magnet suppliers...

Design Popular Magnets:

This is your most important step! The magnets you design must be popular with to your supporters.

Another fantastic example of a 'cool' awareness/fundraising car magnet. (Photo by Becky Wetherington / Flickr)

They don't have to be extravagant:

- A simple "I support Westmore high school" might be perfect -

But your supporters must want to put them on their cars!

Try coming up with something exciting, clever and cool for your magnets.

All of them should have your logo on but they can still be off topic... like a clever saying or phrase. Be creative about it!

(Consider using a contact address on the magnets too, like your website address or a phone number.)

Promote your Car Magnets Fundraiser:

You have to advertise your car magnets fundraiser thoroughly!

Make sure that every single one of your supporters knows about your magnets... And do it in a way that excites them and makes them really want to buy one!

Also get them to encourage their friends and family to buy magnets for their own cars!

So essentially, spread the word...

Look for other non-supporters who might be interested in your magnets, especially if your magnets have general themes like clever phrases etc.

Here are some ways to promote...

  • Obviously by word of mouth.
  • On your website and through your newsletters. (A MUST DO!)
  • Through your Social Media accounts... And obviously encourage your supporters to share it forward!
  • With fliers and posters.
  • And through local newsgroups and classified ads. (Always try get the ads for free.)

For more great ideas on promoting fundraisers take a read here.

Wrapping Up:

To run a profitable car magnet fundraiser you will need to design popular magnets that will interest your supporters...

Magnets that they really want!

Then you will need to promote them effecticely so that everyone knows about them!

It has some great potential...

A Car Magnets Fundraiser can raise you some fantastic funds...

But the awareness it will raise is priceless!

Also expand your car magnets fundraiser with Car Window Decals and Bumper Stickers... The same idea just different products!

And I'd recommend you offer a few other fundraising products at the same time to cover all your bases. Like obviously your organization fundraising apparel from your SSA Apparel Store.

Or review some products through a free fundraising product guide.

Ready To Get Started?

Then head up to the Find a Supplier section and get going!

And if you haven't already... Setup your FREE online Donation / Fundraising page here.

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