Christmas Fundraising Ideas

So it's that Festive Season time of fun, games, and gifts...

And these Christmas Fundraising Ideas are sure to make full use of the fundraising potential of this splendid time of giving.

Just be sure to take the time to organize and plan your fundraisers effectively...

After deciding on which fundraiser(s) is best suited for your cause or organization of course.

Two very important steps in ensuring that you hold a successful fundraiser (click here to find out more).

Let's take a look at these Christmas Fundraising Ideas...

Xmas Fundraisers:

Some of the BEST Christmas Fundraising Ideas. (Photo by Zaimoku_Woodpile / Flickr)

Sell Christmas Trees

An item that will take some work to organize but it's a product that people WILL be buying before Christmas anyway. So... use your cause as a marketing angle to ensure people buy their trees through you and not someone else!

You'll need to find a supplier and a location to sell from (potentially your organization headquarters).

Wrapping Paper

An exceptionally simple and obvious fundraising product for this time of the year. Everyone is wrapping gifts, so wrapping paper is an essential item that they will be buying anyway! It's the perfect fundraising product.

Read how to use it successfully here.

Gift Wrapping Service

Many people find it a pain to have to wrap gifts (me included), so why not offer a gift wrapping service to your members, supporters and your community.

Find some volunteers, see if you can get your wrapping paper sponsored and then promote your services thoroughly. Read here for more info on this idea!

Gift Cards

Another simple product that is in high demand during the festive season. You should look to sell them in combination with the Wrapping Paper to increase profits!

Remember though that there is also much competition for these products, so you will need to promote this fundraiser effectively!

And now for some FUN Christmas Fundraising Ideas...

A Santa Fun Run is a super fun fundraising event for the Christmas Season, and can raise some superb funds. (Photo by Howard Lake / Flickr)

Santa Fun Run

Everyone loves a bit of sport and exercise... So why not have a Fun Run in the theme of Santa Clause. It's a fundraising idea that is extremely popular and widely used - so if there isn't one in your area, get it started.

Remember to add as many additional Christmas fundraising ideas and methods to your event to make it as profitable and successful as possible.

Christmas Quiz

Hold a trivia fundraising event in the Christmas spirit. Use Christmas decorations, dress code, and focus your questions around the Xmas theme!

It's a fantastic fundraiser and if you subscribe to my free newsletter you'll receive a copy of the Trivia Event Fundraising Guide. Obviously you will need to customize the advice in that guide for your Xmas theme.

Christmas Karaoke

Karaoke events provide some fantastic fundraising potential and are always fun for your supporters. So, give them the opportunity to crack out some Xmas songs... Both modern and the good ole Carols!

Fundraise through ticket sales (or karaoke singing purchases), food and drinks, raffles, and what about voting for the best singer... It's only a dollar a vote (for example)!

Carol Singing

For the right organizations that can put a Choir together, this can be a great fundraiser. Hire your Choir out for events, or sing in public places and take donations.

An important thing is to actually have fun with this and to remember the Christmas spirit when doing it. You'll raise far more that way!

Crafty Christmas Fair

An event that has so much potential; from bake sale items, to Xmas presents and other crafts, you can hold a fundraiser that brings in some great funds for your organization!

You can also link some of the other ideas into it like selling Xmas Trees, Wrapping Paper, Decorations, and having a Gift Wrapping service at the fair, etc.

Christmas Wreaths & Decorations

More products that people will be buying during the Festive Season.

Organize some volunteers to make Christmas Wreaths and then sell them with your Trees, or at Christmas Fairs, etc. You can also make decorations, or source them from somewhere, and sell them on as well.

In fact, you can pretty much make a fundraiser out of any product/item that people will be buying during the Festive Season. Just be sure to increase profits by lowering expenses and increasing sales...

Which is why the promoting of your Christmas Fundraising Ideas is so important!

Festive Season Themed Candles

We all know how great a simple Candle Fundraiser can be so why not sell Candles that are made with Christmas in mind.

Christmas Themed Candles are a great Xmas Fundraising Idea! Take a look at more brilliant Christmas Fundraisers.(Photo by Jukka Zitting / Flickr)

Check out these Candle Fundraising Ideas (including Xmas Candles).

Window Painting and Decorations

Many shops love to have their stores decorated in the Festive Season spirit, so why not offer a window painting and decorating service to these stores.

You'll need creative/arty volunteers, paint, decorations and other tools for your trade (like ladders etc.).

Advent Calendars

Back to a simple product that sells well during the Festive Season. Make sure that you customize the Advent Calendars to promote your organization but still keep the Christmas spirit!

Once again the profitability of this fundraiser will come down to your profit margin on the product, plus how effectively you promote and sell the Calendars!

Have fun!

For more unique fundraisers take a look here.

Got any Christmas Fundraising Ideas you'd like to share?

Then please share them below and let us know why it's such a great idea, and how you can make it really profitable and successful. Be sure to include some photos as well...

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