The Credit Card Fundraiser

The Credit Card Fundraiser is an extremely hassle free and profitable fundraising idea.

Most people use credit cards and many others are looking have a credit card themselves - so getting people to register for a credit card online is a reasonably simple thing to do.

All you have to do is convince them to take action for your cause. You then get paid for every approved application!

Here's how it works...

Please Note:

Unfortunately this fundraising idea has been discontinued from the company that was offering it. It is still a great idea and if you know of any other companies that offer the same service then please contact me to let me know.

I would highly recommend that you grab a FREE fundraising information guide to see what other excellent fundraisers you could use.

I would also suggest you look through the Internet Fundraising Ideas page to find similar idea.

Credit Card Fundraising:

Firstly you will need to register for the Credit Card Fundraiser. It is free to set up!

Once signed up you will need to customize the credit card fundraising webpage that is provided for you.

Make it simple, appealing and effective. Word your message in a way that will encourage people to take action for your cause by simply applying for a credit card!

The credit card fundraiser is simple and can be very effective. (Photo by Cheon Fong Liew / Flickr)

You will then earn $15 for every approved application and will also receive a $250 milestone bonus for 25 approved applications.

Advertise & Promote:

As always you will want to maximize your earnings with credit card fundraising. And this will be done by marketing and promoting effectively.

Start with all the obvious methods...

  • Advertise and promote your fundraiser cards through your fundraising website, your newsletters, and social networking sites like Facebook.
  • Email all your supporters, friends, and family, and encourage them to forward your email on.
  • Use word of mouth.
  • Use flyers and posters.

The more you advertise your fundraiser, the more people who will take action and apply for a credit card through you. Consider also recommending specific credit cards that you think are good!

And please make sure you read the following marketing tip...

The Most Effective Marketing Strategy:

Your most effective marketing strategy will be to speak to people directly.

Try get a small sales team together (If you're on your own, that's alright to) who can go around chatting to your supporters, and to their own friends and family, encouraging them to help you out.

Use a fundraising team to effectively promote your Credit Card Fundraiser! (Photo by San Jose Library / Flickr)

It's sometimes quite easy for someone to delete your email or ignore your advert. But when you speak to them face to face, it will help call them to action!

What you will need to do is come up with a short and effective sales pitch ,that quickly draws on people's emotions. Make sure you use the words "help" and "because".

Here is an example...

"Hi, our football club is running a credit card fundraiser to raise funds for our new change rooms. We really need your help because we need to pay for all the cement and other building material. Please help us out by simply applying for a credit card online for free."

Then you should hand the person one of your flyers. The flyer should have all the details of the fundraiser, including your unique credit card fundraising web page address and QR Code!

You'll also find some great fundraising marketing and sales tips in Let's Raise Money (Click to read my review).

Wrapping up:

The credit card fundraiser can be a really simple and profitable fundraiser if done properly.

Market the fundraiser thoroughly and speak to people directly, encouraging them to take action and apply for a credit card.

An online credit card fundraiser will also work well with a magazine fundraiser.

By running both you can market them at the same time and save yourself a heap of effort...

And if someone isn't interested in the credit cards,they may be interested in the magazines, or vica versa.

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