An Easy Fundraising Idea – With a Fundraising Toolbar

Here is a really easy fundraising idea using a fundraising toolbar and Yahoo or Google!

It's free and simple, and you should definitely add it to your fundraising campaign.

It's actually a fundraiser that I think every single Group, Organization, Individual and Charity that is fundraising should consider using!

It's not the most lucrative fundraiser ever but it is a passive fundraiser, which means that once it's setup you will continue to raise funds without any active input!

It's also not just a fundraising tool as you'll find out further down the page...

This easy Fundraising Idea is worth a Smile! Find out how to fundraise with a Fundraising Toolbar... (Photo by Eddie Van 3000 off Flickr)

So How Does This Easy Fundraising Idea Work?

You will first need to register your group or charity for Freelanthropy's toolbar through the online fundraisers section. It's free and will only take a couple of minutes.

Then you will email and contact all your supporters, friends, family, members and prior donors with your toolbar for them to use.

Essentially you will raise funds as these supporters do their every day searching off the web for information and/or products! Easy hey!

How Does This Raise You Funds...

Let Me Explain!

Merchants and online stores etc. advertise through pay per click (PPC) adverts at Yahoo! (and Google).

Their adverts are the small boxes that sit underneath the sponsored results tab on the right hand side of a search query you have made.

Every time someone clicks on one of those ads the advertiser has to pay a certain fee for that click (Pay per click).

You raise funds with this when a search query has been done through your Toolbar and the searcher clicks on an advert (Sponsored Listing)... you then receive 10c ($) for that click.

How Do You Make This Easy Fundraising Idea Really Rewarding?

By making sure that every single one of your supporters uses your charity as the supporting charity when they do their regular searches for information and products on the net!

Encourage them to download your toolbar and use it for their every day searching of the web!

Just make sure that you read all the instructions on, and then instruct your supporters clearly on how to support your cause and download your toolbar!

Just keep on reminding people about it!

For your website I would suggest having a download link for the toolbar on your home page.

Something like this... "Help and support our cause while you search the web. Click here to learn how!"

You can of course elaborate a bit more than that if you like!

It's Not Only A Fundraiser:

Here's what makes this fundraising idea really cool...

This toolbar is not only a fundraising tool, it's also a tool to keep your cause in front of your supporters at all times.

Freelanthropy's Fundraising Toolbar. Register your group and use it to fundraise online! Learn how at

Through the toolbar you can set up links to pages on your website and keep people updated with whats happening with your cause.

You can also use it to promote your fundraisers and drive supporters to certain pages or fundraisers.

For example...

This all means that you have another great way of retaining visitors to your site.

People will always have your charity advertised in front of them when they work on the net and your website will only be a simple click away...

Wrapping Up

A fundraising toolbar not only provides a simple and easy Fundraising idea for your cause...

It also provides a great website visitor retaining tool (also known as site stickiness)! Plus a way to promote your other fundraisers to your supporters.

I wish you great luck and success with this easy fundraising idea!

And if you know of any websites that provide the same service to charities outside of America then please contact me and let me know about it!

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